Think Anal is Magic? b-Vibe Agrees!

by Colleen G.

August 20, 2023


Looking to equip yourself for beginner, intermediate, or advanced anal play? b-Vibe has got your ass covered (or, rather, plugged)!

In case the name didn’t make it obvious enough, this brand is all about butt sex, all the time. The b-Vibe collection was created to cover all the bases for safe, pleasurable, and comfortable anal play, regardless of your gender, experience level, or stimulation preferences. They have something for everyone!

We’ll lead you on a short and certainly inexhaustive journey of some of our b-Vibe favorites for all folks (because b-Vibe’s line IS pretty exhaustive, so we couldn’t fit everything they sell in this short blog).

Starting with small, beginner-friendly goodies and ending with larger toys for advanced anal stretching and filling, let’s take a peek at how b-Vibe’s booty beauties can guide you from your very first magical ass-perience.

b-Vibe Classic Enema

Before we talk about play, let’s talk preparation. Whether or not you’d like to clean your bum beyond your usual soap-n-water wash in the shower is totally up to you. If you’re only experimenting with shallow, light penetration, using an anal douche or enema might not even be necessary.

But we know that poop worries are one of the major factors keeping lots of folks away from otherwise enjoyable anal play, so if gently rinsing our your rectum will open new doors (like, you know, the back one), we say go for it.

b-Vibe’s Classic Enema can be filled with lukewarm, body-temperature water and gently inserted a short way into your b-hole. Slowly squeeze the enema’s bulb to release a thin stream of water. You may need to slightly tilt the bulb to avoid releasing too much air into your anus.

When the water is drained from the bulb, or when you feel the immediate need to poop, sit straight down on the toilet and do your thing. Repeat a few times until the water starts to come out clear, or you feel prepped enough to play.

b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug 1

For nervous beginners, butt plugs don’t get any smaller or less intimidating than the b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug #1.

This little silicone wonder is seriously tiny! No matter how new you are to anal play, we think the Snug Plug 1 is a great intro toy that combines a tapered, comfortable fit, gentle vibrations to relax your muscles and add pleasure, and put safety first with the plug’s t-shape design that stays in place without being overly obtrusive between the cheeks.

b-Vibe Aquamarine S-M Vibrating Jewel Plug

Take things up just a notch with a vibrating butt plug that’s still very beginner-friendly with just a tad more roundness and girth.

The b-Vibe Aquamarine S-M Vibrating Jewel Plug features a gorgeous, sparkly plastic crystal on the bottom. You’ll definitely want to bend over in front of a mirror once you’ve gently popped this beauty into your bum!

This little blue plug comes with a remote control to easily change vibration speeds as you and your partner experiment.

b-Vibe Novice Butt Plug

Not sure if your bum prefers a rounded plug, a long and tapered plug, or a short and stout plug? Try different shapes to find the most pleasing type of penetration for your b-hole.

The b-Vibe Novice Butt Plug is another small, newbie-type butt plug in a slightly new shape that’s extra thin and a bit longer than the Vibrating Jewel Plug or Snug Plug #1.

The Novice still vibrates in multiple speeds, though, and also includes a handy remote, so your anal experience stays top-tier no matter which toy you choose.

b-Vibe Anal Training 7 Piece Set

If getting into safe and comfortably pleasurable anal play feels confusing or stressful, let the b-Vibe pros walk you through every step with the b-Vibe Anal Training 7 Piece Set.

This all-in-one set includes 3 butt plugs in 3 sizes, leading you from a small, non-vibrating plug to get started to a medium-sized plug with vibration and ending with a large, weighted plug that provides am arousing feeling of fullness.

The kit also includes a lengthy how-to book of anal sex education (which b-Vibe is famous for, btw, especially on their Anal Academy Blog), an anal water douche, and some lubricant applicators to keep your bum properly hydrated. While it’s great for absolute beginners, it won’t disappoint more familiar users that are just ready to reintroduce anal toys and start increasing their size preferences. Plus, the guide book can make sure you’re doing everything right!

b-Vibe Rimming Petite Butt Plug

Once you’re used to (and hopefully loving) the feeling of something firm & silicone and maybe vibrating up your ass, you’re going to fawn over the combination of internal vibrations and exterior rimming (getting your butthole licked) stimulation.

The b-Vibe Rimming Petite Butt Plug is best for intermediate to advanced anal players. This remote controlled butt toy vibrates on the inside with multiple speeds while rows of spinning beads stimulate your hole around its rim, hence the term ‘rimming.’ The Rimming Plugs from b-Vibe are among the only toys out there made to simulate analingus…and you might never want to go back to a basic one after you try it!

b-Vibe Stainless Steel P-Spot Training Set

If you’ve come this far, you’re likely REALLY into anal play by now, or you’re a toy lover who’s dying to learn to pleasure your prostate, or P-spot.

Enter the b-Vibe Stainless Steel P-Spot Training Set, a 3-piece collection of heavy, smooth plugs in 3 graduated sizes. Each plug features gentle bumps on one side and a slight, curved bulge at the end, aimed at reaching the prostate in players with penises, or providing a little extra girth and stimulation for everyone else.

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