3 Really is the Magic Number! Trigasms and How to Have Them

by Kristin T.

October 3, 2021


We’re probably all familiar with blended orgasms, but did you know you can take them one step further?  The term #trigasm is trending all over the web, so we wanted to explore exactly what it meant.  Because all good things come in threes, am I right? Gals AND guys, Read on for how a tantalizing trio of touches may just help you say, “yes, yes, YESSSS!”

Humans are hardwired to seek out novelty. We love meeting new people, acquiring new things, and seeing new places.  It’s no different in the bedroom. We seek out new and different experiences in the bedroom, too, and having the ultimate orgasm is probably on many people’s to-do lists.

One trendy “new” sexual technique (if you didn’t know about before, at least) is simply called a Trigasm – with ‘tri-‘ referring to the number 3. A trigasm can be achieved by stimulating three different major erogenous zones simultaneously. While it’s usually assumed that only women can have them, men can, too! We’ll look at the methods for both below. And while it’s definitely helpful to have the extra hands (and mouth) a partner can provide to make all these stimulation styles happen at the same time, it is possible to go it alone. Oh, and don’t forget to use lube for all of the steps that involve insertion!

Note: for simplicity’s sake, I’ll use hetero- and gender-normative language; her/woman/female for vulva & vagina owners and him/man/male for penis owners; follow the set of steps that work for your anatomy, however you identify!  I’ll also refer to “levels” of closeness to orgasm from 1 – 10, with 1 being “are you touching me??”, 8 or 9 being the point of no return, and 10 being The Big O. Hopefully this pleasure scale will help you visualize exactly how the process should feel!

How to have a Trigasm for Her:

For most women, the “magic 3” erogenous zones are the clitoris, g-spot, and anus. Here are the steps to follow to (hopefully!) experience your first trigasm:

  1. Lie back comfortably (no pillows is best) while your partner lavishes oral attention on your clitoris until you reach a level 8 on the pleasure scale.
  2. Have your partner switch to stimulating your vulva (outside of the vagina) in circles with his tongue for about two minutes.
  3. Your partner changes back to pleasuring the clitoris orally up to a level 9; almost to the point of no return; don’t let him stop stimulating the clitoris when you progress to steps 4 and 5.
  4. At this near-climax, your partner inserts his forefinger, palm up, to locate your g-spot (the slightly raised, squishier patch as you curl your finger towards your navel) and gently taps it with his fingertip.
  5. Simultaneously with step 4, your partner should stimulate your anus – with a pinky finger, a feather, or a vibrator – this combo of three pleasure points being played with at once should bring you to a super-powerful, energy-draining orgasm!  

How to have a Trigasm for Him:

A trigasm for men is also the result of stimulating three erogenous zones at once: the penis, the testicles, and the anus. Follow these steps for triple the pleasure:

  1. Lie back (or try standing like in the picture below if it makes for an easier reach) and have your partner start by applying good oral suction to the head of your penis until you reach a level 8.
  2. Your partner switches to stimulating your testicles with her mouth and tongue while continuing to masturbate your penis with her hand.
  3. Have your partner go back to stimulating your penis orally until you reach a level 9 – almost there!
  4. At this peak, your partner should continue to pleasure your penis orally, and add in fondling your testicles with her hand.
  5. Simultaneously with step 4, your partner inserts a forefinger, palm up, into your anus to locate the prostate gland (tell her when she’s found it) then tap, tap, tap it gently until you reach an orgasm where you can feel the life force drain from your body momentarily…in the best way possible!  

How to have a Trigasm Solo:

As you can see, achieving a trigasm usually takes lots of coordinated movements of the mouths and hands of a partner, but with some creativity and some modern sex-tech toys, you can do-it-yourself, too! After all, who knows exactly what feels good and what level you’re at better than you? For both him and her, the three body parts to be stimulated remain the same, you just need a little help from devices like the following:

For Her:

Try to stimulate your clitoris with one hand and insert a finger from your other hand into your vagina; the anal portion can be accomplished with the help of an app- or remote-controlled vibrating butt plug, especially one with rimming action that will circle your anus with stimulation just like a partner would with a finger or tongue.


Invest in a crazy-looking sex toy that can stimulate all three pleasure points at once.  More are joining the market all the time, but something like the Vogue Amethyst Triple Stimulation Vibrator or the Trifecta Silicone Triple Stimulation Vibrator will take the guesswork out by having a stimulator for each pleasure point. You may even find it easier to reach a trigasm by having all three points worked at once!

For Him:

Stimulate your penis and testicles with your hands and plenty of lube, while relying on a remote-controlled (so you can engage it at precisely the right moment) prostate toy to take care of the backdoor action. You can even get one with the tapping action if that’s your preferred type of prostate stimulation.  


Crouch/stand up on your knees and fondle your own testicles, while locating and stimulating your prostate with another finger. The penis portion can be accomplished with an automatic blowjob masturbator, like the Zolo Roboblow or the Hummer 2.0 Super BJ Machine!

Having a successful trigasm will definitely take patience, practice, and commitment, but the payoff will be worth it! Maintain communication with your devoted partner about your levels and exactly where and how they should touch you, and you’ll get there eventually! If you’re playing solo, focus on achieving intense pleasure in one area at a time; don’t overthink it or get too caught up in your head, and you’ll find success, too! Besides, with an activity like this, the practicing is half the fun!    

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