ZOLO: Space-Age Strokers and More!

by Colleen G.

August 29, 2021


Going solo? You’ve got a new best friend in Zolo!

This stroker brand is the ultimate in affordable masturbation. If you enjoy sticking your dick into a cushy, squishy TPR sleeve or can’t live without a sucking, vibrating robot to finish you off, Zolo has something spectacular for your penis, no matter your budget.

Whatever gets you off, there’s a Zolo masturbator to make your climax stronger, hotter and more toe-curling-ly pleasurable. Our wanking experts at Lover’s Lane have compiled this trusty collection of Zolo’s all-star strokers to please every length, girth and penetrative fantasy.

Get ready to get your stroke on with Zolo!  Just don’t forget the lube before you get going!

Zolo Gripz Spinner & Dotted

Start off your next stroking session with a can’t-be-beat meat beater, like the Zolo Gripz Spinner or the Zolo Gripz Dotted.

These simple, squishy TPR sleeves are a great introduction to the wide world of penis toys. Textured with internal bumps, ridges and tight tunnels, Zolo Gripz stretch to fit all sizes. Once inside, just squeeze your hand to ‘activate’ the sleeve’s myriad textures and adjust the tightness to your preference.

Zolo Backdoor Squeezable Vibrating Stroker

Step up to next-level (but still majorly affordable) stroking with the Zolo Backdoor Squeezable Vibrating Stroker.

Similar to the Zolo Gripz, the Zolo Backdoor is made of cloud-like, cushion-soft TPR for customizable tightness that fits all dong sizes. Designed to simulate the feeling of anal sex from the topper’s position, the Zolo Backdoor is internally textured with bumps and chambers to stroke your hard member.

The best part, though, is the Zolo Backdoor’s extra feature: a slender slot made to hold a mini vibrator. This stroker comes (and so will you) with a 7-function bullet to up the sensation factor, adding a rumbly buzz that reverberates down the length of the sleeve.

Zolo Pleasure Pill

Can’t decide between a sex-tech stroker, a multi-orifice masturbator or a simple TPR sleeve? The Zolo Pleasure Pill provides the whole she-bang in one user-friendly package.

The Pleasure Pill is cleverly disguised as an ultra-techy tool with a pill-like shape and design. Pop open the two ends and you’re met with a double-trouble masturbator that mimics soft, luscious lips and a tight booty hole.

Both orifices massage your penis 10 vibration modes, including 3 speed intensities and 7 unique patterns. Compact and awesome for tossing in your travel bag, the Pleasure Pill comes with a drying and storage bag for simple clean-up and safe keeping.

Zolo Vibrating Cockpit Stroker

Ready for a completely new kind of hand job? The Zolo Vibrating Cockpit Stroker is unlike any sex toy you’ve ever tried. Use it solo or have your lover use it on you to make their hand job game insane! You can even squeeze it to get the pressure exactly right for you.

While still flexible and able to accommodate all sizes, the Cockpit Stroker is crafted in silicone, which gives it a harder, more intense sensation during masturbation. Trust us, you’ll definitely want water-based lube with this one, but it’s worth it!

Designed to rub against the ultra-sensitive frenulum, where the foreskin meets the head of the penis, this 7-function vibrating stroker is tops for those who need to really up the intensity to get off.

Zolo Roboblow Masturbator

You’ve never had a BJ like a Roboblow BJ. Tech and luxury lovers, take note: the Zolo Roboblow Masturbator is the Aston Martin of automated solo sex.

The Zolo Roboblow Masturbator features 10 totally unique blowjob experiences that include a warming function, two different stroking sleeves, erotic sound effects with wireless connectivity, and automated sucking, squeezing and thrusting.

When you’re finally drained from this full-service, AI sexual experience, the Roboblow even helps with the clean-up by drying itself after you’ve soaped and rinsed the sleeve.

Whatever you’re into, penis playthings from Zolo are the perfect addition to your masturbation game for any time your hand just isn’t quite enough.  While any of these strokers can be used with a partner for a mutual masturbation session, Zolo offers a few toys for your coupled sessions, too.  Try the Extra Thick Cock Ring to beef up your erection, or the Zolo Bumperz to spice up your next blow job.  Make a Zolo toy your next purchase for penile pleasure…you won’t be disappointed!      

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