Explore The Wanderful World of Wands

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Often the first image that comes to mind when someone hears “sex toy” or “vibrator” is some version of the timeless wand.  Often called a “Magic Wand” based on the original & popular Hitachi brand, but these bad boys don’t require any spells to unlock their magic!  While they’re commonly the first type of sex toy many women own (though they’re not just for women…more on that later!) they’re definitely NOT just for beginners.  Read on to learn more about how to choose the right wand for you, and tips and tricks to help you make the most of your new (or well loved) motorized best friend!

Why Wands?

While many styles of bedroom toys have come and gone over the years, wand toys have truly withstood the test of time, and have actually changed very little in the process.  While newer versions have great new features, people still love them for their timeless appeal, and a basic makeup of the firm & heavy silicone-covered end, the weighty easy to grip handle, simple button controls, and most importantly, the sheer POWER.

The Hitachi Magic Wand was first sold in 1968 and was marketed as a “personal massager”…because you couldn’t just sell sex toys openly on most store shelves in those days!  Sure, you could use them to massage your neck or shoulders, but people quickly sussed out what they were really for, and the rest is history!

Wand toys create powerful, rumbly vibrations that feel amazing when concentrated on the clitoris or other erogenous zones.  They are great for solo play, but are also perfect for couple’s play, especially with some of the attachments we’ll talk more about below.  Wands have even become the toy of choice for many in the BDSM and kink community…there’s something very erotic about being teased and tormented with such a powerful toy all while you’re tied up or being commanded to hold still!

The Wizard Chooses The Wand

Unlike in the magical universe, it’s up to each user to choose the wand that’s right for them; there are no special materials, enchanted cores, or soul bonds to guide the way.  If you’ve never purchased a wand toy before, it might be a little intimidating knowing where to start.  Here are a few considerations that may help:

  • Plug-in vs. Rechargeable:  This is probably the biggest difference that divides wand toys.  Plug-in wands have an attached cord, and when you’re ready to play, you just plug it in and go!  The classic Hitachi Magic Wand Plus is a plug-in wand, along with the Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand and the Doxy Number 3 Wand to name just a few.  Many users love plug-in wands because you don’t have to think about keeping them charged or worry about the batteries dying mid-session, and they can produce even more powerful vibrations than some rechargeable styles.  Their one downside is needing to be near enough to a wall outlet to use them.  If that’s a deal breaker for you, rechargeable wands may be your magical tool of choice!  There’s a rechargeable version of the classic Hitachi Magic Wand,  along with other best sellers like the Le Wand Rechargeable Massager and Mighty Metallic Wand.  
  • Size:  Like most sex toys, wands come in all different sizes, and the one you choose depends solely on your preferences and how you’ll be using it.  The Hitachi Magic Wand and LeWand come in at a whopping 12-13 inches long, with toys like the Petite LeWand and Romp Flip Wand somewhere in the middle, all the way down to fun novelty wands like the battery-operated BodyWand Glow Wand at only 4 inches long, but still mighty powerful for its small size!
  • Extra Features:  Some wands go beyond the basics and offer features like
  • warming, such as the iVibe Select iWand Massager from Doc Johnson, which can help it double as a great sore muscle massager,
  • thrusting, like the Shameless Flirt Thrusting Massager, categorized with wands because of how large, fast, and powerful its vibrations and thrusting motions are, or even…
  • double-ended usability.  The Body Wand Luxe features a traditional wand end, and the “handle” end is an amazingly powerful g-spot vibe.  The more features your wand has, the more versatile it can be!
  • Is it waterproof?:  Make sure to look for this feature if it’s important to you that your wand can be used for bath or shower play.  Plug-in wands or wands made mostly of metal are obviously not waterproof, but many rechargeable silicone ones like the Femme Fun Ultra Wand and the Satisfyer Wand-Er Woman are!

Accessorize it!

There are tons of ways to have fun with a wand toy just as it comes, but for even more enjoyment, some wand toys accept attachments.  The Wand by We-Vibe comes with its very own accessories: a c-shaped stroking attachment that is perfect for penis play or concentrating the vibrations on the sides of your genitals, and a fluttery tickle ring to place on the head for a whole new sensation.  The LeWand Loop attaches to the standard size LeWand (and possibly some other standard size wand heads, but it can’t be guaranteed to fit) for mindblowing penis play opportunities, and the Curve Weighted Silicone Attachment also goes on your LeWand for impressive weighted stimulation of the g-spot, prostate, clitoris, or perineum.  Have the Petite LeWand?  No worries, there’s an attachment for that, too:  the Ripple Petite Weighted Wand Attachment.  Just pop it over the wand head and concentrate those good vibes exactly where you want them!    

Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re a fledgling wand wizard or an experienced longtime user, here are a few extra “spells” to keep in your bag of tricks when playing with your wand:

  • Keep it Clean:  While most wand toys are not waterproof or submersible, all wands can be gotten wet enough to clean the head when unplugged.  Use a gentle toy cleaner, scrub with your hand, rinse quickly, and let it dry completely before storing it.  The handles and buttons can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth.  If you want to keep the head really clean between sessions without so much effort, just snap a basic non-lubricated condom over it before use!
  • Be Still:  As tempting as it can be to squirm away from the intense vibrations of a wand, bear with that slightly uncomfortable sensation, and let it give you the orgasm of a lifetime.  Find the right spot, and leave it there!  It can also be fun to rest it on your clit and tuck it between your legs; those vibrations coursing through your entire lower body will bring you to climax in no time!
  • Really Feel It:  While there is no evidence that using powerful wands or any other sex toys affect the level of sensation required to bring you to orgasm in the long term, if you use a wand regularly, you may “get used to it”, and therefore require more and more power to really enjoy it.  Always start with a wand at the lowest setting that feels good to you, and increase gradually as needed to climax.  Give yourself a few days worth of a break between lengthy wand play sessions, and if you really need to hit the reset button, apply a sensitizing gel such as Intense Clitoral Gel or Secret Garden Orgasm Enhancing Cream.  It will lower that sensitivity threshold and feel like a new experience all over again!        

If you’re curious and want to bring a bit of this wand magic into your own bedroom, click on over to the Wands & Attachments category of SexDrive.com, or stop in to your nearest Lover’s Lane store to have a Romance Specialist help you choose the wand that will bring you powerful pleasure for years to come!

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