Fun on the Run: Wearable Pleasures

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


Want to twist up your orgasmic routine? Go hands-free!

Whether playing a game of remote-control climax with a partner or solo testing a wireless sex toy, wearable pleasures are all the rage on the vibrator trend reports. We’re talking toys that quite literally go the distance, both in sex-tech capability and unique functionality.

So-called ‘panty vibes’ and remote control vibes have come a long way from those butterfly-shaped, vulva-hugging toys of yesteryear (and by yesteryear, we mean like 1998). Lover’s Lane has rounded up a selection of our best and brightest hands-free vibrators – in both old-school and just-released designs – to fit your favorite stimulation style.

If you’ve never tried hands-free self-love or across-the-kitchen partner play before, you’ve got to grab one of these super affordable, app-controlled vibes from the sex toy collection at Lover’s Lane.

Get Started with an All-Inclusive Kit

We’re gonna assume you already own underwear (and probably a whole drawer full of sexy stuff, too), but why not grab a couple extra pairs that’ll fit perfectly with your new remote vibe?

The Love Distance Span Vibrating Panty arrives with everything you need to get your hands-free sex on. Two pairs of black, lacy undies are designed to accommodate the aqua-blue, ergonomic vibrator that covers your entire vulva for broad sensation.

Connect to the secure & encrypted Love Distance App with your smart phone to get vibin’!  You can play solo, or your partner can tease and please you from across the room or across the miles.  

Hit the Spot with a Wearable Classic

Remember the ‘butterfly-shaped,’ classic panty vibe we mentioned just a bit ago? The Love Distance Reach G Wearable Vibrator is a modernized take on one of the world’s most recognizable, wearable vibrators.

Crafted in (what else?) body-safe silicone, the Reach G Wearable straps to your pelvis with a stretchy, elastic harness. Once you’re all strapped up, connect the Reach G to its smart phone app and let the vibrations rumble your G-spot while simultaneously fluttering against the labia and clit.  There’s a very good reason this shape isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Get Sex-Techy with this Ultra-Modern Vibe Design

And now for something completely different! The Love Distance Range Love Egg is a totally new shape in the wearable vibes category, and it’s making waves for a reason.

The Range Love Egg’s bulbous head vibrates deeply against your G-spot while its thinner arm extends outward and upward, sending shivers across your clitoris while it gently parts your labia.

You can even use the Range Love Egg as a Kegel-ciser. Just squeeze and release your pelvic floor muscles (the same way you’d clench to stop and start the flow of urine while on the toilet) in time with this toy’s vibration pattern settings.  Because why shouldn’t you enjoy some hands-free buzzy pleasure while you’re getting your kegel on?

Take Playtime Out on the Town (Or At Least Into Your Living Room)

Worried or annoyed at the prospect of your panty vibe slipping out, mid-play session? The Love Distance Mag Panty Vibrator ensures you’ll never have to fear an embarrassing moment while wearing your vibrator out on a hot date.

The Mag Panty Vibrator’s secret is a small magnet, which attached the toy directly to the front of your choice of underwear or lingerie. Even if you’re just getting sensual at home, now you can hand the remote to a partner or add a little extra spice to your daily chores, and the toy will stay in place.

Try positioning the Mag Panty Vibrator’s ribbed surface for maximum external stimulation and then turn on your favorite setting while attempting to tackle a usually mundane household duty, or hand the remote to your partner for a buzzy surprise. We dare you to get through tonight’s dinner date or home-cooked meal without climaxing!

Try Out This Classic Clit Vibe & See Why it’s Still a Fan Favorite

Last but not least, it’s the OG, wearable clitoral vibe that started the hands-free trend nearly 2 decades ago.  The sex toy industry does love butterflies, but there’s a good reason for that beloved shape; Love Distance has simply brought it into the modern era.  

The Love Distance Reach Wearable Vibrator is a brand-new iteration of this pink, fluttery clit classic. Updated in body-safe silicone and featuring app-control capabilities, the Reach Wearable Vibrator straps on with a cozy, super stretchy elastic harness.

If you’re all about the clit and generally in the mood to skip penetration during solo play, this is totally the vibe for you! Just strap it on, lay back, and let the vibe’s multiple speed and pattern settings do their thing – without getting your hands dirty, if you know what we mean.

On Sunday, July 25th ONLY, these featured toys and several other wearable pleasures are 25% off, online at and in Lover’s Lane stores.  Try one out today and get your long-distance lovin’ for even less!

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