Brand Spotlight: Love Comes Naturally With Intimate Earth

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


Does great sex really happen naturally? We think it does – at least with a little extra assistance from Mother Nature herself!

Intimate Earth is a lubricants and sensual body products brand that skips the skin-irritating chemicals in favor of body-safe ingredients. From basic lubes for vaginal, anal and oral sex to sensitizing, stimulating gels to scented massage oils, Intimate Earth has it all. This ethical brand is our go-to resource for organic, all-natural desires of the flesh.

Though Intimate Earth offers more sensual gels, lubes, and oils than we can name in a single blog, we’ve gathered some of our favorites that function beautifully for all genders of solo and coupled folks.

All-Natural Glide Lubricants

Start your Intimate Earth collection with must-have basics, like these all-purpose sensual lubricants made to nurture every body.

Formulated with natural plant cellulose, the Hydra Water-Based Glide works with all orifices and sex toy materials. It’s 100% vegan, safe for oral sex, and free of irritating parabens and glycerin.

Take your stimulation up a notch with the Mojo Horny Goat Weed Libido Warming Glide. This condom-friendly lubricant heats up to a tantalizing 98 degrees Fahrenheit and pairs amazingly with a penis stroker sex toy. Blended with horny goat weed, an herb known for its with natural aphrodisiac properties, you can even lick this warming lube (it has a pleasant & subtle honey flavor) for a killer oral sex session.

For those that desire a long-lasting lubricated session, the Elite Shiitake Silicone Glide combines the longevity of silicone lube with the health benefits of shiitake mushroom. Rich in proteins, lipids, vitamins and amino acids, shiitake is fantastic for delicate skin, restoring elasticity and reducing inflammation.

Make butt sex your boo with Soothe Anal Anti-Bacterial Glide, a unique anal lubricant with anti-bacterial guava bark extract. Plant-derived glycerin and water make up this super-natural booty lube, which keeps anal bacteria at bay.

Stimulating Gels

Add sensation to your sex play with Intimate Earth’s stimulating gels, formulated for whatever parts you’ve got. No matter your fave hot spot, there’s a tingling gel made to sensitize it.

The Mojo Niacin And Ginseng Penis Stimulating Gel does exactly what its name suggests: creates harder, longer erections with enhanced feeling using natural ingredients like niacin and ginseng. It’s also condom-safe and offers a cooling sensation that pairs sexily with a hand job massage.

This next sensitizing serum needs no introduction. You already know what pleasures await when you choose a vulva-loving product like the Intense Clitoral Arousal Gel. Rub a dollop on top of or underneath your clitoral hood – depending on your natural sensitivity levels – to experience the intensity of Japanese peppermint oil.

If internal stimulation is more your style, the Discover G-Spot Gel awakens the sensitive tissue inside the vagina, especially the cluster of nerves the compose the much-touted G-spot. A blend of L-Arginine and Japanese peppermint oil draws blood to the surface of the skin, increasing sensation and even enlarging the G-spot, making it easier to find.

Don’t forget the orgasmic properties of the prostate, otherwise known as the P-spot, by massaging the inside of the anus with Mojo Niacin And Yohimbe Prostate Stimulating Gel. Formulated with niacin and yohimbe, this anal gel increases blood flow to the prostate and increases overall sensitivity for superior anal pleasures of the sex toy or human kind.

Flavored Oral Pleasure Glides

Oral sex lubricants are a popular and classic pleasure enhancer in the world of Lover’s Lane. Intimate Earth offers fresh flavors that are completely vegan and free of gluten and parabens.

Taste sensuous fruits with the Fresh Strawberries Glide or the Cheeky Apples Flavored Glide.  These natural-tasting juicy flavors will make your mouth water!

Turn your partner into a delectable dessert by mixing the Sea Salt Caramel Flavored Glide and the Wild Cherries Flavored Glide.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match to create your own yummy combinations!

Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Ignite all 5 senses on your next couples’ night with Intimate Earth’s line of aromatic massage oils. These stain-free, silky oils, formulated from certified organic ingredients will take your erotic massage to the next level. The unique and beautiful aromatherapy scents help add the perfect final touch for worshiping your lover’s body.

The Bloom Massage Oil smells like a luscious floral bouquet with accents of fresh-cut peonies.

Warm up your sensual evening routine with the Vanilla Chai Massage Oil, a sugary sweet scent with a spicy, cozy ambiance.  Light some candles and make the magic happen.

Re-charge for an all-nighter with the Awake Massage Oil in a refreshing and unique pink grapefruit scent.

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