What to Pack for a Sexy Staycation

by Kristin T.

July 6, 2024


Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. And by “it all”, I mean everything except your loving partner. The next time the mood strikes, go somewhere else…anywhere else…and devote an overnight to just enjoying each other. It doesn’t have to be far from home! As you prepare for the sexual charge that comes from a change of scenery, toss these essentials and sexy surprises in your bag to make it a supremely special and relaxing staycation.

Itty Bitty Erotic Enhancements

Want to try several new products at once that may help up your pleasure, but don’t want to commit to full-size bottles before you know how they’ll work for you? A lot of our love kits come with perfectly packable minis of lubes, stimulating gels, delay sprays, and more. Try the High On Love The Minis Pleasure Collection for some tiny-sized luxurious hemp oil infused enhancements, plus a perfect pink bullet vibe for even more fun. The Geisha’s Secrets Collection is also a great way to try our best-selling lubes, intensifying gels, and massage oils, plus a romantic strawberry-scented massage candle…if open flames aren’t frowned upon where you’re staying.

Some Light Reading

You’ll have need some time to cool down between all those hot sessions, so make sure to take along something to read. While your current book in progress or that entire TBR collection on your Kindle are fine, we can help you do one better. Pick up a book with tons of new position ideas that will keep you having fun long into the night. When you are finally almost ready to sleep, see how long you can read to each other from a book of Naughty Bedtime Stories before you either drift off or jump each other again.

Luxurious Lingerie

Nothing helps set the mood for a truly special romantic evening together than some new sexy underthings. Before you plan your escape, plan a quick trip to Lover’s Lane and treat yourself to some apropos apparel for your going at it getaway. A gorgeous lace & leopard bra set with a hot garter belt, available in standard and curvy sizes, or a smoking hot crotchless glow-in-the-dark bodystocking will fit the dress code perfectly. Don’t forget some sexy new skivvies for the guys! Look dashing in a strapped & snapped thong, jock, or short. If that’s not your style, just a new pair of enhancing boxer briefs that will hug your bulge in all the best ways will do just fine. Besides, you know you don’t need to worry about comfort too much…you know you’ll be spending most of the night in the nude, anyways!

Lotsa Lube

Especially if you’re planning on shattering some of your personal records, you need to be prepared with a good quality lube. Your body’s natural lubrication can only go so far and last so long, and friction is the enemy of great sex. A bottle of your fave sex lubricant is a must-pack if you’re planning a horizontal marathon. Your glistening bodies should be the only things rubbing and sticking together. Lube just makes everything feel better, too.

If you don’t already have a favorite lube, read up on how to choose the best kind for your needs; a Romance Specialist can help you select a great one at your nearest Lover’s Lane store. Pick up a bottle of the way-better-than-drugstore stuff, then toss it in your sexy staycation overnight bag. Oh, and make sure to stay plenty hydrated by packing the cooler with (and remembering to drink) plenty of water…especially with all the yummy salty, briny things you’ll be eating because of the next item.

A Charcuterie Picnic

The last thing you want to do on a sexy staycation is eat a big, heavy meal. You also don’t want to have to leave your romantic retreat to go wait to dine at a restaurant. Plan ahead to prevent both problems by packing your own charcuterie picnic. Fill a cooler with small watertight containers of your favorite deli meats, cheeses, crackers, spreads, nuts, fruit (grapes are highly recommended here so you can feed them to each other like Greek gods and goddesses), and olives and other veggies. Don’t forget some flirty champagne flutes and your favorite bubbly. Red wine & dark chocolate make great aphrodisiac touches, too. Get everything out when you’re feeling snacky, then store them again for later when you’re done. It will keep you satiated but not weigh you down enough to delay your dessert – a roll in bed with honey.

A Sensual Sweet Ending

Speaking of dessert, why not enjoy your lover as your sweet treat at the end of a long night of amazing lovemaking? Pack a bottle of chocolate body paint and use your partner’s body as a canvas for your passion-inspired creativity. Then figure out some creative ways to use your tongue to lick and kiss them clean. The Shunga brand has aphrodisiac properties, too, so it might even make you want to go for one more round! For the even more orally fixated, sweeten up your next trip downtown with Sugar Rush Blow Me oral sex gel. It will help everything slide and glide smoothly as you do your thang, and the sweet cotton candy flavor helps disguise the less pleasant tastes and smells sometimes associated with that area.

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