A Beginner’s Guide to Lingerie

by Former author

November 1, 2021


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The most distinguishing trait of any babydoll is the skirt that flows down from the bra. These can be a variety of styles as some expose the midriff and others cover it. They’re most commonly made out of mesh or lace but do come in other materials such as different kinds of netting, satin, etc. They’re generally more conservative than teddies and rompers but on par with chemises. Some babydolls have adjustable straps and others don’t, but this is not difficult to identify because they’re generally over the shoulders. This is a common trend throughout most lingerie with the exceptions being gowns and robes with corsets and bodystockings less likely to have them. Some sort of panty is usually included. Check out our Lovely Floral Lace Up Sheer Babydoll or Classic Lace Flyaway Babydoll for some exquisite style.


Often thought to be identical, it’s not hard to mix up corsets and bustiers. They have two major differences. First, corsets tighten up intending to give you curves making for a smooth aesthetic look. Bustiers generally won’t give the same kind of curves because they’re more focused on pushing up the breasts and creating cleavage. The other major difference is bustiers are generally shorter than corsets which more characteristically have the lace-up back but it’s also seen on bustiers. Others feature adjustable straps like most other lingerie. Check out our Earth Angel Bustier because white isn’t just for brides. Or shine brighter than diamonds with the Zebra Sequin Corset.


Regardless of how much lingerie expertise you have, you’ve probably heard of bras and panties before. They’re just the bra top and panty bottom occasionally paired with garters and stockings. The most important thing to know when buying any clothing especially bras and other intimate items is size. After you know your partner’s size then you can worry about style and color. Bras occasionally have additional material right above or just below the cups. While bras are really the only things called bras, the term “panties” is sometimes used as an umbrella term for female underwear. From the most to least material they are: shorts, panties, thongs, and g-strings. Shorts are exactly what they sound like, just a shorter version of regular everyday shorts. Panties, while they still cover your bottom, reveal more of your upper thigh. Thongs reveal your bottom because they have a smaller strip separating the buttocks, but they have more material in the front. G-strings have significantly less material than thongs and are only meant to cover the front with a small triangle while a slim string separates the buttocks.


Gowns and robes can be confusing at times but the biggest difference is gowns always go beneath the knee and usually just above the ankle. However, robes can go long but can also stop before the knee. The next biggest difference is all robes have some way of connecting or overlapping both sides. This is most commonly a belt to be tied around the waist. They most commonly come in mesh and lace but also in satin and occasionally other materials. Try out the Classic Sheer Lace Gown or the Black Satin Robe to feel sexier for yourself and your partner.


Teddies, the not so distant cousin of the swim-suit, are more form-fitting and geared towards sex appeal being made out of lace or mesh. Rompers are more aimed toward comfort typically made of softer fabrics. It’s not uncommon for them to have a relaxed fit or be loose. Rompers tend to be more convex around the upper thigh where teddies tend to be concave. While they both strive to be sexy and seductive, teddies generally show more skin. Make your dreams a reality with the Daydream Teddy!


Chemises have a bunch of different elements from a variety of outfits. Like their babydoll siblings, this type of lingerie is often made of lace. Most chemises cover the panties and remain open unlike how teddies and rompers are closed. However, they do have the form-fitting of teddies. They commonly have adjustable shoulder straps, but some outliers follow the corset style. Chemise are good for a wide variety of occasions. Try some role play in the Farmer’s Daughter Chemise, be especially classy in the Monie Chemise, or plunge into a new world of sensations with the Venice Lace Fetish Chemise. Chemises are good for anyone just getting into lingerie because they closely resemble dresses and have enough fabric to cover up and tease.


Imagine the offspring of teddies and chemises with some of them being long-sleeved, that’s essentially a bodystocking. They come in a variety of materials from lace to mesh to fishnet etc. Same with their style and design ranging from ones like the Crisscross Crotchless Teddy Bodystocking to the Gartered Catsuit to the Seemless Mosaic Skirt Set.

Garter Belts

Worn right above the panties, this undergarment’s primary job is to hold up stockings. The garters, also known as fasteners, are usually attached or attachable to the belt and they hold up yours or your partner’s stockings. They’re commonly made with lace and/or mesh but come in other materials as well such as satin, leather, etc. You can make your intimate nights more passionate with the Sultry Nights Garterbelt.

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