Ask the Intimacy Advisor: Curated Curiosities

by Kristin T.

March 26, 2023


Who better than The Intimacy Advisor to answer your most personal questions about your deepest sexual curiosities? This month’s theme focuses on questions about specific products to help solve various sexual needs and niches.

Does something like this exist or not? How do I use these things? This installment curates products made specifically to help you solve various sexual problems and cultivate an amazing sex life. Read on for the answers to sex questions from IA readers just like you! You might just find something you’ve been curious about, too!

Question: Years ago, I’d found a product that was I believe a mint green gel and it made me tingle when I applied it to my sweet spot. I need something similar that smells good and makes me tingle. Any suggestions? ~ Christine

Answer: Don’t you hate it when you find something you love and then can never find it again, Christine?? While I don’t know exactly what product you are referring to, and I don’t think Lover’s Lane carries anything exactly like that, we do have some great clitoral stimulating products you may want to try. Most of them do use menthol to provide that warm, tingly sensation, but they’re not all flavored or scented.

We’re loving Tingle from Neo Sensual, which does have a hint of peppermint in addition to Nano CBD to enhance sensation. Intense Clitoral Gel from Intimate Earth is another great option for intense tingle. Lotus sensitizing gel from Shunga is another favorite. It can be used by males and females alike – either on the clitoris or the head of the penis – and creates a great tingly sensation making your “sweet spot” super sensitive to touch! While these don’t set out to be flavored or scented, they don’t smell bad, either.

If the flavor is a more important aspect, you might want to try Blow Me Oral Sex Gel, which is yummy and lubey but not all that stimulating. Kama Sutra Kissable Oil of Love or Shunga Aphrodisiac Oil might be a fun flavor experience, too. These are ideal if you have a partner to play with, because blowing on the oil really helps activate the warming & tingling sensations, and it’s hard to blow on your own hoo-ha! 😛 Have fun!

Question: Do they make an over the cock strap-on that provides some feeling for the man also? ~ Ike

Answer: It’s understandable why you would want something like this, Ike…unfortunately the market hasn’t quite caught up with you there. There are some hollow strap-ons that can accommodate your penis inside, but they’re still made of thicker material that doesn’t really allow your penis to get the natural sensations from penetration. Some strap-ons have a vibration function, so if that’s a good enough method of sensation for you, you might enjoy it.

If you’re looking to just enhance or extend your member with the strap-on, you may be better off with an extension sleeve or cocksheath. These are usually made of softer, stretchier, thinner materials than strap-ons, so you’re more likely to retain some feeling while using one. Many of them allow you to cum through the tip, too. The cock rings that hold them on can often help you maintain a firm erection for longer, too, which may solve all of the reasons you would like a strap-on. Good luck finding a good fit for you!

Question: I’m in need of a good anal toy she can use on me, please. ~ Sal

Answer: Good for you for exploring anal play with your partner, Sal. My recommendations will vary based on how much experience you have with anal toys. If you’ve never used one before, it’s a good idea to start small and simple. An anal plug set is perfect for anal training, and allows you to work your way up to a larger, vibrating plug.

The Vector Prostate Massager or Ditto Anal Exploration Vibe from We-Vibe are also great picks for beginners and experienced folks alike. They are great for partnered play, because your girl can control the vibrations & sensations you’re experiencing with the remote control or even on the phone app!

Finally, inflatable plugs are another fun way to go. They go in fairly small so they can be comfortable, but then she can take over pumping it up to create that feeling of fullness and target the prostate. Add the vibration and you’ll be over the moon in no time.

Question: How do I apply Mojo Prostate Stimulating Gel to my prostate. ~Dan

Answer: Good question, Dan! Mojo Prostate Stimulating Gel from Intimate Earth is a great product…which I unfortunately cannot link to right now because we are sold out, but anyone else who is curious can look for it in Lover’s Lane stores or check back on our website soon! The gel contains natural ingredients that increase blood flow to the prostate gland, making it even more sensitive and receptive to stimulation than it normally is! But, since the prostate is internal, it may be tricky to know how to apply it.

The best way to apply Mojo Prostate Stimulating Gel is simply with a finger. Read the first few steps to “Manual Stimulation” in A Prostate Play Primer if you’ve never had experience locating your prostate before. Lube is still a good idea so you’re not going in dry, so apply a bit of that right on & around your anus first, so you carry it in with your finger. Then put a dollop of the Mojo on your fingertip and head right to your prostate. Massage it in with your fingertip and wait a minute or two. You should notice the enhanced sensation and warm, buzzy feeling that’s going to make the rest of your prostate play session feel amazing!

You can also apply it with a toy. Simply rub a couple drops all over the tip of a simple toy meant for pinpointing your prostate, like the Aneros MGX Trident, lube up around your butthole again, and slide it in. You should notice the difference in how the toy feels fairly quickly once the Mojo makes contact with your prostate gland. Then, you can experiment with more manual massage or more exciting prostate toys, like a prostate tapping vibrator.

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