Spring Cleaning For Your Toy Drawer

by Colleen G.

March 23, 2023


Cleaning out those bedside drawers doesn’t have to be a chore. We think it’s kinda fun and even spiritually cleansing to dig out all your sex toys and adult accessories, line ’em up in the bathroom, and give them all a good spritz with some sex toy cleaner.

With spring just on the horizon, now is a great time to light some incense and candles and make a sensual ritual out of cleaning up your vibe collection (because honestly, why not make sex toy bath time as entertaining as play time?).

Wondering how to indulge your toys in a luxurious cleansing experience? Lover’s Lane has got all the goodies to keep your toys clean and your body parts healthy.

Nix That Mysterious Goop in Your Toy Drawer

First things first, because without doing this super essential step, you’re never going to achieve fully body-safe cleanliness: don’t store your jelly toys together.

While we’re generally fans of silicone and ABS plastic toys here at Lover’s Lane, we’ve still got plenty of customers who enjoy the squishier, jelly-type materials in their toys, like PVC or TPR/TPE.

Materials like TPR – which can be found in toys like the Naturally Yours 7-inch Crystalline Dildo, the Oxballs Invader Cocksheath, and the Kendra Lust Vagina Stroker – are easily cleanable and safe for your body, but they should not be stored near one another, where the plastic parts can touch other toys.

TPR is a really fantastic material because it’s super squishy and life-like. If you have one of those “realistic” toys, like the Real Supple Poseable 9.5-inch Dildo, it’s probably made of TPR.

But here’s the thing: stick two TPR toys together, and where their surfaces make contact with one another, you’ll end up with a mysterious goopy, oily substance lining your sex toy drawer from the materials breaking down. Your toys will also wind up all melted, pitted, out of shape, and totally unusable.

You can use any type of lubricant on TPR or jelly toys, including silicone lubes, and you can easily clean TPR toys with any toy cleaner. Just make sure to tuck each TPR toy safely into its own corner of your toybox, or better yet, find a cute storage bag or heavy-duty locking bag to keep them clean and goop-free!

Never Mix Silicone Lube and Silicone Toys

There’s a second way your sex toys could end up looking like an alien borrowed them while you slept: by using silicone lubes on silicone toys.

Similarly to what happens when two TPR toys meet, silicone lubricant will also break down silicone sex toys. Possibly slowly enough that it may be unnoticeable at first, but definitely enough that it can start causing cleanliness issues.

We’re not saying to never use amazing silicone lubes, like Uberlube, Wicked Ultra or Pjur Back Door anal lube. Just make sure you only use them for toyless masturbation or sex, or with toys that aren’t also silicone.

You can safely pair silicone lube with toys like the Evolved Real Simple Chrome Bullet, which is made of ABS plastic; the Stud Muffin Suction Cup Dong, made of pthalate-free PVC; or the Screaming O Double O6 Vibrating Cock Ring, which is a mix of ABS plastic and TPR.

Modern, alternatives to typical toy materials love silicone lube, too! Feel free to slather as much silky silicone as you like over the stainless steel Booty Sparks Anal Plug and the natural stone Le Wand Crystal Rose Quartz Slim Wand.

When using a silicone toy, however, spring for a water-based lube, like Sliquid Naturals Sassy, High On Love Water-Based Lubricant with CBD extract (for a little extra relaxation factor), Le Wand Waterbased Lubricant, or Pjur Aqua Water-Based Lubricant .

Stock Up on Sex Toy Cleaner

Now that you’re schooled in keeping your toys in tip-top shape while they’re stored and while you use them, here’s how to ensure they’re also clean as a whistle before (and after) your next play session.

Sex toy cleaner is specially formulated to get into all potential nooks and crannies of your bullet vibes, dildos and dongs, rabbit-style toys, and even those complexly-designed strokers and oral sex simulators. It’s great on anal toys, too, though some may need more than one thorough cleansing to fully eliminate any…you know…residue.

Just spritz or cover your toys with the cleaner from top to bottom, let them sit for around 5-10 minutes (depending on the individual instructions), and then either rinse or towel them off, per the fine print on your chosen toy cleaner.

There are almost as many brands of toy cleaner as there are vibrators these days. Lover’s Lane has our own high-quality collection that includes an antibacterial foaming wash, large, spray-on toy cleaner, and a smaller version of our spray-on toy cleaner.

Intimate Earth also offers a Foaming Organic Green Toy Cleaner and a Spray-on Organic Green Toy Cleaner, both with naturally cleansing, antibacterial Tea Tree oil.

We can also recommend Pjur Med Clean Spray, Sliquid Shine Organic Toy Cleaner, La Nua Foaming Toy Cleaner, and Le Wand Organic Toy Cleaner. Whichever toy cleaner you choose, you can trust that it is meant to keep your toy clean and free of microbes, while also being gentler on your toys and safer for your body than standard antibacterial soap would be. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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