Brand Spotlight: Get Blown Away by Womanizer

by Colleen G.

November 12, 2021


It’s a shame Britney Spears never got a chance to sing ‘You’re a womanizer, baby!‘ to a sex toy instead of a dead-beat dude. Womanizer sex toys are so good, it’s hard not to sing their praises from the rooftops.

Despite the decidedly loaded brand name (which, yes, we know, technically refers to a Casanova-type guy who goes through women like chewing gum), Womanizer is now synonymous with the best orgasms in the world.

Why? Simply enough, they suck your clitoris instead of vibrating against it. Womanizer originated Pleasure Air (R) air-pulse technology, a type of clit stimulation created by tiny pulses of air that gently (or strongly, depending on your preference) tap and lift the clitoris, similar to a really talented giver of oral sex.

Our customers say that once you try Womanizer, you’ll become an instant believer, so us folks at Lover’s Lane have rounded up a few of our top sellers from this stand-out brand.

Womanizer Premium

If you refuse to settle for anything less than the full Womanizer experience, you’ve got to spring for the Womanizer Premium. This iteration of the brand’s famous air-pulse clitoral stimulator is the crème de la crème version of Womanizer’s original, debut sex toy.

Womanizer Premium’s sleek, classy design is outfitted in silicone from top to bottom. If this is your first time with an air-pulse toy, start slowly by clicking the power button and gently pressing Premium’s tiny mouth against your clitoris. Once you’ve got the hang of Womanizer’s wow factor, try clicking through the Premium’s 12 speeds, which start soft and end in strong pulsations that’ll have you gripping the sheets in ecstasy.

The Womanizer Premium also hides an extra little secret: an autopilot mode with surprising patterns that escalate in intensity. Click the function button to set Premium to autopilot, position the toy between your legs for hands-free self-love, and then lay back while Womanizer delivers the oral sex session of a lifetime. (Seriously, check out the reviews from our customers if you don’t believe us!)

Womanizer Premium 2

Already familiar with the basic Womanizer and want the next best thing? Or think you can handle this super sucker of a sex toy right off the bat?

Womanizer has just announced the release of the Womanizer Premium 2, the latest update to the brand’s classic, most well-known clitoral stimulator.

The Premium 2 is similar to the original Premium model, which we just covered above, but with a few new features. Premium 2 offers 14 speeds of pulsation, an upgraded autopilot function with more variations and patterns, and an additional, wider stimulator head for those that prefer a more broad sensation.

Both Womanizer Premium and Womanizer Premium 2 are waterproof, safe for use with water-based lubes, and USB rechargable. They also both offer ‘smart silence,’ a feature that stops the motor as soon as the toy leaves contact with the skin.

Womanizer Duo Vibrator

What could possibly be better than Womanizer’s highly touted pulses of air surrounding your clit? The world’s best simulated oral sex AND internal vibrations together!

The Womanizer Duo knows aaallll about blended orgasms (which, in short, happen when you stimulate the clitoris and vagina simultaneously). The Duo suctions to your clit, delivering heavenly air-pulse goodness while the internal arm vibrates against your G-spot, allowing the orgasmic waves to ripple through your entire erogenous zone.

Womanizer Duo provides 12 speeds of suction and 10 vibration patterns that are surprisingly quiet for their strength. Duo also makes a lovely addition to your next sensual night of candlelit bathing (yep, it’s waterproof, too!). This little beauty really can do it all!

Silver Delights Collection

Can your clitoris handle a double whammy of top-tier sex toys? We’re definitely leaning towards yes.

The Silver Delights Collection combines the best of the best for external stimulation: a Womanizer Premium air-pulse pleasure toy and a We-Vibe Tango bullet vibrator.

We’ve already waxed poetic about our love for the Womanizer Premium in this blog. Now let’s string together a few words about one of our favorite clitoral vibes, the We-Vibe Tango (which is super similar to the We-Vibe Tango X, a newer version of the original Tango).

The We-Vibe Tango packs the power of a sex toy several times its small size – like a Magic Wand or even a mini sex machine. We’re not kidding, it’s THAT powerful! And that’s exactly why our customers adore this deceptively simple bullet vibrator that’s also waterproof and USB rechargable.

Imagine tantalizing your clitoris with the We-Vibe Tango’s 8 vibration modes and precision stimulation, and then switching to the Womanizer Premium’s 12 air-pulse modes – maybe even making it all the way to the top speed!

However you do your solo (or partnered) date night, the Silver Delights Collection ensures you’re in for a treat.

Womanizer is so good at what they do, we think you’ll like whichever luxurious and powerful toy you choose first, but don’t forget to check out the entire Womanizer collection before making your way to check-out.

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