Take Care Back There: Prostate Health and Play

by Erica G.

November 12, 2021


November is Men’s Health Awareness month, and there’s not much more unique to the male of the species than having a prostate. While this fickle little gland that lives between your penis and your bladder is important to check up on once in awhile for health’s sake, it can mostly be enjoyed for sexual pleasure. Playing with your prostate during sexual activity may even help keep it healthy, and can lead to more intense orgasms! Read on for some tips about how to take care of your prostate so it can take care of you!

First, the Serious Stuff…

If you possess a prostate, you need to know at least the basics in order to make sure yours stays healthy. Prostate health and prostate cancer awareness is one of the key points of Movember; an annual fundraiser where men grow out their awesome mustaches to remind other dudes to get checked. Let’s face it…guys don’t always have the best reputation for taking care of their own health like they should, so any fun little reminder tactic is a good one in my eyes!

Prostate health is nothing to mess around with; prostate cancer is the second most common cancer to affect men after skin cancer…but if it’s detected early, most guys have a great prognosis. Prostatitis and other inflammatory conditions or infections can also occur in and around the prostate, so it’s important to take good care of it. You can read more about the prostate, prostate cancer, and the other areas of men’s health awareness covered by Movember here.

When Should you See a Doctor?

The prostate is part of the urogenital system. Since it rests between the penis and the bladder, the first signs that there may be a problem come in the form of urinary issues or pain in the groin or genital areas. If you experience any increase in frequency or urgency of urination, or new and unexplained genital pain, it’s time to make an appointment.

Your doctor will also make recommendations about how often you should get colonoscopies and screenings for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and other concerns based on your age, family history, and other risk factors. Even if you are young and healthy, make sure you’re getting in at least an annual physical so your doc can catch anything abnormal before it becomes a big deal.  

The good news is, stimulating your prostate gland through the methods of prostate massage and play discussed in more detail below, is one way to take care of it! Stimulating or “milking” the prostate can actually help keep it healthy in the long run, not to mention all the sexual pleasure it will bring you while you do it!      

Now for the Fun Part!  

Humans are lucky enough to experience intense pleasure during sex; it’s no wonder we are having sex for more than just propagating the species! With all those wonderful, sensitive nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated around the genitals and the anus, and all the amazing natural drugs your body produces when you are experiencing pleasure/orgasm, why not try to stimulate them in as many ways as possible, and see if your brain really does explode from your body? 

When it comes to the ladies, the g-spot is one internal area which can feel pleasure and help lead to orgasm during penetrative sex. Luckily for the guys, there is something that can produce an equivalent orgasmic sensation! It resides inside the body, just inside the anus. The prostate is a hidden treasure trove of pleasure-producing nerve endings, found about 2-3 inches inside the rectum. Stimulating the prostate can enhance sexual pleasure more than typical penetrative sex alone. Compared to a typical penile orgasm, the big O when prostate stimulation is involved is often described as stronger, more intense, and felt throughout more of the body. Explosive!

Get Ready…

First things first, discuss with your man (or decide for yourself if you are a man…you can absolutely experience anal and prostate pleasure on your own!) if play around his backyard is an option. Some guys may have some anxiety or some non-masculine feelings when it comes to butt stuff, though anal play has been around as long as sex has. Enjoying prostate play and other varieties of anal pleasure says precisely zero about your sexuality or masculinity, and there should be no negative association with such pleasure.

Once you get the green light, take care of any prep work that may help him feel more comfortable beforehand. At least showering up can help wash away anything less-than-pleasant that may be on the outside of your rear. When it comes to the inside, there are options for cleansing internally, but some may be off-limits for someone new to play, or someone uncomfortable with rinsing their insides. If it helps him enjoy more worry-free pleasure, though, a quick use of an anal douche can remove most stubborn feces from the rectum where it may make things messy.

Once you feel fresh and clean, make sure to have lube on hand for any backdoor play! If you plan on using just your fingers for reaching the prostate, silicone-based Uberlube will do the trick perfectly. If you plan on using toys, stick around for some recommendations of not only water-based lube, but of different toys to try. Also, whoever will be using their fingers to locate and stimulate the prostate should make sure their nails are trimmed, neatly short & rounded, and snag-free. However sexy they may be, the perfectly polished talons in the pic above are not ideal for anal exploration! A lubed-up rubber glove or finger condom can also help smooth things out, and make for safer sex and cleaner play, if desired.    

Get Set…

Ok, so now you are all prepped and ready.  Time to dip a finger into finding the prostate! If you are the one doing the searching on your partner, have him lie on his back and relax. Get things going with some touching of the penis and testicles to get that blood flowing to the sex organs; it will be easier and more pleasurable to find the prostate once he is aroused. Once you have your man hard, lube up and start to massage his butt and anus, helping your partner to relax any muscle tension he may be holding in that area. The sphincter muscles in the rectum are strong for a reason, so getting in there takes some easing. Relax, communicate, use lube, and don’t rush!

Start with a lubed-up tip of a finger at first. Gently slide in & out a few times to get the sensation normalized. Next, insert the finger a bit deeper inside. You want to ideally get two knuckles deep, since this is the depth at which the prostate lives. If your man is lying on his back, it should be felt on the upper wall, or the same side of his body as the bellybutton. It feels like a round bump that is harder than the surrounding tissue. Using the soft pad of your finger, gently try motions to see what gets a reaction. Try in and out slowly, side to side, press & release, tiny circles….get creative! You can even use a come-hither motion with the finger for added pressure. Don’t forget to give some love and attention to the penis and testicles while either you or he stimulate the prostate! Any little attention to the prostate will make any stimulation of the genitals feel even more intense…and that’s where those big, amazing orgasms come in!

You are probably reading this and wondering how many hands you need to have to hit all these spots. It does seem daunting at first, but there are options for other ways you can help hit the prostate without trying to be a genital DJ. Consider toys made to hit specifically the right spot for you!

Get in There!

Thanks to modern technology, many sex toys have now been developed with prostate pleasure in mind. With the latest sex-tech, the ideal curves, sizing, vibration, and pressure can be applied internally, made from smooth, fingernail-free, body-safe materials (in case you missed it earlier, please make sure anything you insert inside someone isn’t sharp or dirty; wash those hands and trim those nails!).

A favorite anal toy for beginners is a butt plug.  Smooth silicone that gently grows bigger at the middle, with a flared base or ‘handle’ that ensures nothing gets lost inside. Some even feature pleasing vibrations that specifically target the prostate!

When it comes to shapes for targeted prostate stimulation, consider the Aneros prostate massager. The ergonomic curve ensures the tip hits the prostate and delivers pressure and vibration that will have your body buzzing!

The shape of this p-spot vibe also features rings for extra sensations, plus it’s rechargeable and waterproof!

Remember that the anus is not a self-lubricating orifice. All of the toys mentioned above should ONLY be used with plenty of lube, and the right kind of lube to use with toys is Water-Based.  Silicone lube + silicone toy = degradation of the materials the toy is made of, which leads to sticky, tacky, unusable pleasure objects. Take the time to do some research and get the right lube for the job – it’s worth it!

The End?

In closing, if you’re looking to boost your sexual enjoyment and sexual wellness, try bringing pleasure into your man’s life (or your life), by stimulating that prostate. If you need any more convincing, there are even purported medical reasons to pay attention to the prostate. Prostate stimulation can help improve urine flow and cleanse toxins from your reproductive system, which keeps your prostate healthier overall. Plus you may become a man (or have a partner) that can become multi-orgasmic! Try prostate play out for yourself soon and see if the p-spot will become a new part of your pleasure routine.

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