Brand Spotlight: The California Dreaming Collection by CalExotics

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


Surf City, here we come!

There’s a reason swingin’ 60s groups like The Beach Boys and The Mamas & the Papas were always singing about sunny California. Now CalExotics has captured the essence of endless summer in their latest rabbit-style vibe series.

Smooth shades of purple, yellow, and pinkish-red conjure beach vibes while these dual-stim, all-silicone bunnies tease and please with 10 intense vibration functions and 3 unique shaft rotations. SoCal beach bunnies can even take these waterproof colorful vibes into the surf…or the shower. The packaging even features stunning California scenery staples, like the Golden Gate Bridge, Santa Monica Pier, and the famous, ocean-blue lifeguard stands that dot the coastline at every state beach.

These luxe pleasers stimulate your sexy parts and your aesthetic senses for an orgasmic summer vacay. Join Lover’s Lane as we explore this ultra-femme brand line, poring over each toy’s gorgeous design, functions and details.

Beverly Hills Bunny

There are a whopping 18 different vibrators in the entire California Dreaming line, and this basic, slim insertable rabbit vibe is a great choice for first-timers or brand newbies.

The dark purple Beverly Hills Bunny features a gently curved shaft that just barely widens at the end for light G-spot pressure. The quite-literally shaped bunny ears stimulate the clitoris with a gentle wiggling motion as you swap speeds on the the 10-speed motor. The shaft even rotates, offering 3 options for rotation speed, too

Malibu Minx

Take your dual-stim desires up a notch with the bright pink Malibu Minx, an insertable vibe with a clitoral stimulator that’s to-die-for.

This silicone wonder vibrates its internal arm with a 3-speed motor, but that’s not even the best part. Malibu Minx’s clit vibe isn’t actually a vibrator at all. The Minx sucks your clitoris and labia like the most skillful of lovers, pleasuring you with 10 different ‘intimate suction’ options of fabulous air-pulse technology.

Surf City Centerfold

The Surf City Centerfold is the only vibe in the California Dreaming line without a 2nd stimulator for the clitoris. But its unique and innovative design ensures this hybrid vibe – which is somewhere between part-old school, slim smoothie vibe and part-mini wand – exceeds expectations.

Surf City Centerfold is a bright pink, slender vibrator made for clitoral stimulation or targeted G-spot pleasure. A pulsating disc undulates beneath the rounded tip of the toy, tapping your G-spot or clit and labia with 3 pulse functions. Surf City Centerfold completes the classic vibe experience with 10 light-to-rumbly vibrating options.

Pasadena Player, Newport Beach Babe & Valley Vamp

We had to nab all 3 of these similar but very unique vibes at once. If you can’t enough of textured toys, this trio is right up your alley (and yeah, lame pun intended). Plus, they’ve each got a funky combo of functions that swirl, twirl, and vibrate.

If you get hooked on a particular function, a memory chip starts off your next self-love session exactly where you ended.

The dusty pink Pasadena Player is textured in lightly-raised circular patterns that dot the 3-speed, rotating shaft. The 10 functions of independent vibration, pulsation and escalation add tongue-like motion to the flexible, pin-point clitoral stimulator.

Deep, sunset orange sets off the Newport Beach Babe, a sex toy that’s covered in repeating, textured diamond shapes, kind of like a sugar ice cream cone, and vibrates its shaft with 3 speeds. The clitoral vibe, which looks appropriately like a tiny drum, thumps away at your external pleasure parts with 10 bumping functions.

The Valley Vamp has a gorgeously purple shaft covered in small diamond-esque patterns and long, horizontal ridges, vibrating at 3 different speeds. Valley Vamp’s clitoral stimualtor is where this toy shines, though! It mechanically swings across your clitoris from side to side and features 10 patterns of clitorally-blissful, finger-like motion.

Orange County Cutie

Last but certainly not least, the Orange County Cutie is a peachy-colored dual stimulator with a taste of the latest sex-tech features.

Flutter the gentle, flower-shaped clitoral vibe against your labia, choosing between 10 speeds of vibration. But wait, here’s where it gets really good. The shaft, which awesomely features a G-spot-caressing, curved head and 3 thick ridges for texture, actually thrusts in and out. Toggle through 3 variations of mild to wild thrusting that lasts as long as you can handle it.

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