Guys Deserve Toys, Too!

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


There are tons of great sex toys out there for every body, but the toys for vulva owners tend to hog the spotlight.  Just because penis owners can meet their carnal needs with nothing but their hands, doesn’t mean they should always have to!  There are so many options of toys for boys, you’re sure to find one to help fulfil a fantasy for self-pleasure or partnered love.  They’re not all just for penile pleasure, either! And with Father’s Day coming up, it might be the perfect time to help the DILF in your life find a “hole” new way to play.  Let’s take a look at some of the latest & greatest toys for men. We promise it will give you ideas to stock his pleasure chest for plenty of pleasure, on Father’s Day or any day!

Sexy Strokers:

Sure, guys can spank the monkey manually, but it’s a whole new experience when you get technology involved to assist!  Masturbating with a stroker or masturbator feels totally different from the “same old, same old” of using your hands.  Use a stroker for solo sex or mutual masturbation while your partner also gets off with their favorite toy.  Check out these unique strokers to bring a new sensation to your self-love sessions:

Hummer 2.0 Super BJ Machine

Vedo took your ultimate blowjob fantasies and made a toy that could perform them with power and precision.  It’s more than a stroker…it’s an incredible masturbation machine!  This hands-free luxury male stroker boasts up to 180 RPMs and 180 suction impulses per minute.  It has 9 gears to choose from and 8 fully automatic suction modes.  With combinations offered in 4 minute sessions to keep you on edge, it will never be the same experience twice.  The textured sleeve can even be used without the machine if you want to enjoy its 10 vibration modes on their own, but the suction provided with the machine makes an unparalleled BJ experience.  

Sir Richard’s Control Pussy Stroker

Discretion is the name of the game for this new male stroker from Sir Richard’s.  Sure, everyone masturbates, but not everyone’s living situation allows for you to leave a pocket pussy of your favorite porn star just lying about.  This impressive FantaFlesh pussy stroker hides in plain sight by looking just like a bottle of shampoo or lotion!  It’s waterproof and perfect for use in the shower.  The snug realistic feel and air tight design will make your “intimate therapy” sessions better than you could ever imagine.  You can even customize your sensation with the suction control cap.  After use, clean it out & let it dry and store in on your dresser next to your other products…no one will have to be the wiser!  

Put a Ring on it:

Cock rings or C-rings have been around for a long time, but new technology is always being applied to make them even better.  Guys who use rings in the bedroom report benefits like increased sensation, longer lasting erections, stronger orgasms, and more sexual confidence from the extra boost of bulge many C-rings can provide.  Throw in a vibration feature and you’ve got the perfect couple’s toy for partnered pleasure, or just enjoy the good vibes on your own!  Here are just a couple great cock rings that will have you wondering why you waited so long to try one!:

SONO No. 88 Vibrating Rechargeable Cock Ring

The unusual look of this unique oblong cock ring may be the first thing you notice, but it’s not what will keep you grabbing it every time you have sex.  The smooth silicone stretches to fit your anatomy perfectly. The vibrating outer ring stretches around your balls to provide extra stimulation with the vibrating end nestled near your perineum, and it is ribbed for clitoral stimulation.  The inner ring fits snugly and provides all the usual benefits of a cock ring.  Once it’s in place, easily scroll through vibration patterns with the simple push of the button, then just enjoy!  It is USB rechargeable so the fun never has to stop!  This one is definitely the gift that keeps on giving, for guys and couples alike!

Air Flow Cock Ring from Oxballs

The cock ring experts over at Oxballs have made this space-age looking ring for your enjoyment.  Perfect for beginners or expert cock ring lovers alike, it is squishy and stretchy for a perfect fit.  Enjoy the bloated look of your manhood without the extra bulk of some thicker rings.  The holes through the outside provide fresh air flow, so it can be worn more comfortably for a longer time.  Imagine puffing out your package with this under your favorite pouch thong and surprising your lover with a strip-tease.  


Prostate Pros:

Guys have the ultimate erogenous zone inside their backdoor.  If you’ve never explored prostate play before but you’re open to it, we think you’ll be surprised about what you’re missing out on.  While you can stimulate the prostate manually, these toys will provide much sexier sensations and help give you the most incredible orgasms you’ve ever had:

The Beaded Backdoor Rabbit

Why should the ladies get to have all the fun with rabbit toys?  This one is designed just for penis owners with a prostate.  The perfectly angled bulbous end makes it easy to target your P-spot, while the rabbit ears will tickle your sensitive perineum with delight.  The beads in the shaft rotate to provide the ultimate rimming sensation for your anus, all leading to toe-curling excitement and epic orgasms.  The handle and controls are easy enough to use on your own for self-pleasure, or let your partner control it for the ultimate experiment in surrender.  

LELO Bruno Prostate Massager

Lelo is known for providing the ultimate toys for luxurious pleasure, and the Bruno is no exception.  A classically shaped and beautiful prostate vibrator, the Bruno boasts 6 intense vibration patterns so you can set it and forget it for hands-free fun.  With two powerful motors – one in the P-spot tip and one on the base for perineum stimulation – the dual pleasure of the Bruno is unprecedented, making it one of the most desirable prostate toys on the market!  

Gentlemen, whether you want to get these toys as a gift or simply treat yourself, it will be worth it!  If you want to be the gift giver, talk to your guy about what he’d enjoy…toys are an opportunity to fulfil a fantasy you didn’t even know he had!  A gift of a sex toy will make him feel desired and wanted like no other gift can!  Never underestimate the fun new sensations and sexual excitement you can bring to your solo sex or bedroom romps with a new toy for the ultimate in male pleasure.  

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