Build a Last-minute Love Collection for Sweetest Day

by Colleen G.

October 20, 2023


Are you having an “Oh Sh*t!” moment right about now while gazing at your holiday calendar? Yep, Sweetest Day is THIS Saturday, but as usual, Lover’s Lane has got your back for last-minute shopping for your lady.

Whether your sweetie is patiently awaiting a day of romance or equally forgetful and in for a special surprise, we’ve got plenty of bedroom-centric gifts to create the perfect love collection.

This weekend, why not craft your own love collection and shower your sweetheart with a plethora of sexy lingerie, new sex toys, kinky stuff, and other pleasurable accessories?

Let Lover’s Lane introduce some of our latest new releases for Sweetest Day 2023, which we’ve cleverly stacked together into gift packages for all levels of lovers from mild to wild.

Mild Love Kit Ideas for Beginners

If your sweetheart is new to sex toys, start with something simple yet versatile, like the Cat’s Meow Massager, which can be caressed all over the body, across the entire vulva, and even used for light vaginal penetration.

As the cozy autumn days sink into dark, chilly winter nights, set up your sweetie with some Pjs that are as warm and fuzzy as they are smokin’ hot. The Long Sleeve Sexy Sleep Romper and Plus Size Sexy Sleep Romper will keep her cold parts warm without covering up her hottest ass-sets.

Ease into light BDSM play with a pair of secure yet soft and comfortable cuffs, like the Sportsheets Saffron Handcuffs. These easily adjustable, buckle-and-strap cuffs can be worn on wrists or ankles, and the cushion-soft material won’t cause any discomfort for beginners to sensual restraint.

Ice your Sweetest Day cake (aka your lover’s bare body) with the lotion, oils, and potions in the Essential Love Kit. This little gift kit is full of stimulating serums, lubricants, and massage goodies for a night of full body pleasure.

Next-Step Novelties for Intermediate Players

Most toy enthusiasts have already tried air-pulse suction products made for clitoral pleasure, but we bet you haven’t seen the latest iteration of these clit suckers to hit the market. The Caress Me Blow Me Away Air Pulse Massager features 2 open, suction ends in a funky, hair dryer-esque shape that’s perfect for giving your gal a big O.

Add something unique to her lingerie collection with the Demi Shelf Cup Merrywidow or Plus Size Merrywidow. This daring and demure one-piece is like nothing she’s ever worn. Purple lace and smooth black fabric create a curvaceous silhouette, set off by an attached garter belt, matching undies, and a revealing, strappy bra top.

When you’re beyond the bare basics of BDSM, but not quite ready for (or into) the ol’ whips n’ chains yet, the Sportsheets Special Edition Under The Bed Restraint Set is the perfect medium ground. Equipped with ankle and wrist cuffs that connect to a series of straps that, as the title suggest, fasten securely to any mattress, this restraint set leaves the next steps up to your kinky imaginations.

Trust us when we say if you haven’t tried a CBD sex product yet, tonight is the night to test out a cannabis-based sensual oil (that WON’T get you “stoned!”) with the Flora And Bast CBD Intimate Arousal Oil. Light CBD extract relaxes the muscles while promoting blood flow, and you can drip this oily, juicy goodness straight onto your pleasure parts.

Wild Pleasure Products for Advanced Toy Lovers

Just when you think your sex toy-obsessed special someone has seen it all, gift her with the Womanizer Wave Pleasure Shower Head. Lots of ladies who became vibrator enthusiasts started their self-love journey with a classic removeable shower head. Now the Womanizer brand has made one just for masturbation, complete with strategically placed pleasure jets and unique spray functions for vulva stimulation.

Your girl is already a bombshell, so give her a lingerie gift that’ll match her sex appeal. We’ve never seen a teddy scream “Do your dirtiest, daddy” more than the Limitless High Leg Vinyl Teddy and Plus Size Vinyl Teddy. This vinyl-and-mesh once-piece is reminiscent of 80s-style, high-waisted swimsuits, but with a dirty, kinky twist.

Can’t decide between a big-box gift or adding a new, high-quality BDSM item to your collection? The Liberator Scoop Valkyrie Edition With Micro Loop And Cuffs brings the best of both worlds, as you’ll definitely need a lot of wrapping paper for this combo kink-meets-positioning aid present. The Scoop is a rocking position pillow that provides support plus comfort for knees and shins so you can experiment with new ways to screw while adding a touch of wrist and ankle restraint to your play time.

If you’re nearly out of ideas after doing (almost) everything on your sexual bucket list, let the Dirty Deeds Game of cards for bedroom deviants add some fresh scenarios to your evening. Pick cards from one of four included decks and win points for completing your task (but really, who’s keeping count when you’re screwing?).

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