Titillating Tuesday

by Kristin T.

November 1, 2021


Take Your Nipple Play to the Next Level.

Nipple play can be an amazing addition to a steamy night in, if you do it right!  I use the “next level” analogy because some guys (and yes, ladies too) have a tendency to tweak and tap nipples like they’re twiddling the buttons and joysticks on a video game controller…and that’s just not very appealing for anyone!  Thoughtful nipple play, however, can be an enjoyable option for a well-rounded foreplay session, sure to get your lover gasping, giggling, and begging for more!  Keep reading for some hot tips and tricks to help you take your love of nipples (and of pleasing your partner, of course!) to infinity and beyond!

Turn Them On.

To me, the first and most important rule of engaging in nipple play is ‘make sure your partner ENJOYS nipple play!’  This may come as a surprise, but not everyone does.  Some girls love it.  Some guys love it.  Some absolutely loathe it.  Some women only like it at certain times of the month, because their breasts are too sensitive for it to feel good due to hormonal fluctuations at other times in their cycle.  Some just get plain old ticklish when having their nipples fondled, and unless you’re looking to start a tickle-fight, this may not be the mood you want to set when you’re first starting to get frisky.  Find out what your lover is into by trying little samplings of what you’d like to do to their nipples, and gauging their feelings.  Talk. To. Them!  Does what you’re doing feel good or bad?  Ticklish or a turn-on?  Would they prefer more or less pressure?  Once you have an understanding of what trips their trigger, you can use that to your advantage.  Get them fired up for the great sex you’re about to have by gently (or firmly, if that’s how they like it) caressing and kissing their nipples to their heart’s content!  Use the nipples as a sort of train station en route to your final destination…start by making out, then kiss sensually down their neck and upper chest, stop at the nipples just long enough to give them enough attention, then get back aboard and kiss down the rest of their torso, all the way to the genitals.  If nipple lovin’ just isn’t their thing (or yours), don’t push it (or worry about it) and kill the good vibes.  Maybe you can circle back around to the discussion later, or try some of the different and more adventurous options below.  The key word here is TRY, because you can’t be sure how you’ll feel about something new until you’ve  tried it!

Show Them Off.

OK, so you and your partner have done your due diligence.  You’ve taken the titty train ride and have decided you ARE totally into nipple play and ready to indulge your wildest fantasies.  What better place to start than with some sexy cupless lingerie?  Ladies, you may already know that your breasts are one of your man’s favorite features about you, so why not show them off?  Your exposed assets will drive him wild and provide easy access once playtime begins!  Want to go cupless but still provide a little fun and intrigue?  A playful pair of pasties will keep the targets under cover until you’re ready to unveil them and enjoy his touch.  Maybe even go with the tassels and start with a playful striptease dance.  If starting out with sexy lingerie isn’t your thing, it can be just as much fun to start the exploration underneath your lover’s clothes.  Enter from the bottom or the top; guys, maybe this is the time to go ahead and revive your best College Casanova and undo her bra with one hand under her shirt? Then go ahead and rip your shirts off once things start to get hot and heavy.  

Make it Sensational.

Sensation play is one of the most fun things you can introduce to your playtime and to your lover’s chest.  There are a lot of nerve endings there, so things feel really, really intense!  Any sensation that is novel or unusual will do the trick, and when done correctly, can create strong and instant arousal.  These sensations can be enjoyed by both men and women, so don’t let those pesky traditional sexual roles stop you from experimenting.  Ice is a favorite (and free!) beginner’s trick for nipple play. Wrap an ice cube in a washcloth to make it easier to hold on to, and rub it in gentle swirls and circles around your partner’s nipples.  As the ice cube melts and the water begins to drip down their breasts, you can blow on the cool water to dry it more quickly and invoke a whole new sensation.  Using some sweetly flavored warming body oil or a tingling nipple balm can provide a fun new feeling, too.  Lovingly spread it on and rub it in with your fingertips.  The patterns you can trace on your lover’s body will send shivers down their spine!  Then, just as they’ve started to have enough, blow on it to warm it up one last time, then kiss or lightly lick it off.  If your lover is extremely turned on by nipple play, you might even get them to climax with this move!  These options, along with some chocolate body paint artistry, can make sure the sense of taste doesn’t get left out of all the sensory fun.    

Leave Time for Toys.

When people think of sex toys, they usually immediately picture the ones that you use on your genitals.  Those are AMAZING, of course, but there are plenty out there solely intended for the nipples.  The types of toys you will enjoy for nipple play are based on the sensation you most prefer during manual or oral stimulation.  Do you like to have your nipples pinched?  Nipple clamps are for you!  These have been a staple of BDSM beginners for eons, and they apply a firm but not-quite-uncomfortable amount of pressure right to those sensitive nips.  Start with adjustable ones if you’re not sure what the right fit will be, and if you want to add another layer of sensation, there are even clamps and clips that vibrate!  If you can stand the firm pinching pressure but don’t like a traditional clip, these magnetic ones will bring your foreplay into the future!  

If you most like the tingly or the vibration sensations against your nipples, you can always use a traditional bullet vibrator.  A slick metal one will provide an extra cool touch that would feel even better paired with a cooling nipple gel.  Put a blindfold on so you don’t know when it’s coming, and you’ll really squirm with delight!  A pinwheel can provide an amazing sensational prickle, too.  This awesome silicone one creates the same sensation without the ouchiness of a traditional metal one…the breasts are sensitive, after all!

And finally, if you’re the type that loves to have your nipples sucked on or kissed, you are a perfect candidate for nipple suckers or nipple pumps.  A lot of these sets also come with a clit pump or sucker attachment, which will add a whole new layer of excitement to your most intimate of erogenous zones.  Let your lover moisten your skin with their saliva or a tasty flavored lube, kiss it off, then apply one of these suction-powered gadgets to slowly draw your nipple inside with a powerful (but not painful) erotic sucking sensation that will send you through the roof!  

Happy Trails, Intrepid Nipple Explorers!

While these nip tips are not all-encompassing, hopefully I’ve sparked just a few ideas to get you started with introducing nipple play to your future foreplay sessions if you haven’t already.  Even if you’re a knowledgeable nipple ninja, hopefully you’ve gleaned a few new tricks to try!  Keep it new and exciting, and keep experimenting and sharing what you both like, and you’ll always keep coming back for more!


~The Intimacy Advisor

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