7 G-Spot Facts

by Former author

November 20, 2020


1. The G-spot is named after a German gynecologist.

German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg was one of the first medical professionals to study a “particularly sensitive” area about two inches inside the front of the vaginal wall, leading him to write about the spot in 1950. He also invented the first intrauterine device (IUD) for birth control.

2. It’s known as “the sacred spot” in tantric sex.

In tantric sex, the G-spot is believed to be the woman’s most emotional and sexual center. It is thought that this sacred spot functions in the genitals similarly to the way the subconscious mind functions in the head. Need helping finding your “center?” Up the ante with a G-spot vibrator.


3. It can expand and contract depending on your mood.

Just like the clitoris, the size of the G-spot is affected by your sexual mood. It may be as small as a pea at times, but will expand over the area of your vaginal wall when you’re turned on. People have reported that it feels somewhat like a squishy walnut to the touch, especially when very aroused.

4. The G-spot drives female ejaculation through the Skene’s gland.

It’s believed that female ejaculation occurs through the Skene’s gland when the G-spot is aroused. This gland is like the male prostate. Anatomically speaking, not all women can ejaculate, because some women’s urethra opening may be deeper inside the vagina and can get blocked via G-spot stimulation.

5. It may actually be an extension of the clitoris.

Some researchers and scientists believe that the G-spot is actually just an extension of the clitoris – similar to the fact that much of the medical community is skeptical that the G-spot exists at all. And while it is true that certain studies point to little physical evidence, the anecdotal evidence makes it quite clear that many women are able to experience intense pleasure via this area – whether or not it’s simply an extension of the clitoris.

6. It can be better stimulated depending on your position.

Many women have reported that being able to experience a G-spot orgasm depends on their position during sex. Some of the positions that seem to better stimulate the G-spot include doggy style and woman on top. If you prefer missionary, you can also lift your body toward your partner with a pillow or use the Flip Ramp from Liberator, a supportive piece of sex furniture.

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7.  “Exercise” can help you experience better G-spot orgasms.

You can exercise your vagina just like other muscles in the body. The pubococcygeus muscle, or “PC muscle,” forms the pelvic floor and supports the pelvic organs, including the bladder, urethra, and vagina. Since it encircles the outside of the vagina, healthy PC muscles will improve sexual arousal, including G-spot orgasms. Make the most of it with Kegel toys from Lover’s Lane! Regardless of scientific opinion, these G-spot facts point to exciting possibilities when it comes to vaginal orgasms. If you have yet to experience the pleasures possible with G-spot stimulation, you may find it helpful to introduce a G-spot vibrator in the bedroom.

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