Get Real! Life-size Sex Toys that Deliver the Whole Package

by Colleen G.

November 23, 2022


Sex toys are really out here these days, trying to whole-ass replace real people – and honestly, they’re doing a damn good job of it! Modern sex dolls and life-size, realistic pleasure products are dropping in price and rising in quality. If a palm-sized stroker or gender-less dildo just doesn’t do it for you, there’s an entire category of silicone body parts that’ll tickle your visual kinks while delivering top-tier physical stimulation.

Considering we’re Lover’s Lane and all, we’re not going to suggest that sex dolls and realistic toys can replace the meaningful moments and candid conversation of a living, breathing partner. But if you’re single and in need of more than a quick jerk-off session, or part of a couple that’s ready for the next big thing in kinky toy play, anatomically correct designs might be the scratch to your itch.

Marvel at the wonders of existing in sex-positive 2022 as we round up some of our favorite realistic pleasure plastics that can bring your human-sized fantasies to life.

PDX Plus Perfect 10 Torso

It’s a scientific fact that most men are turned on by visual stimuli. And hot damn, the first realistic toy on this list is all about providing an arousing show down to the very last detail.

The PDX Plus Perfect 10 Torso – available in light, tan, and brown skin tones – is a doll that’s made for getting down and dirty.

The Perfect 10 Torso’s 3D design is made of ultra-soft, realistic silicone for a 360 view no matter how you pound her. You can rub one out in her textured vagina, use her ginormous boobs to stroke yourself off, or flip her over and finish between her luscious butt cheeks.

Bonus points if your partner is down with the Perfect 10 Torso and she becomes the silicone unicorn to your duo.

PDX Plus Perfect Ride

Oh, so you thought this whole list was going to cater only to straight guys? At Lover’s Lane, we encourage folks of all gender identities to play out their kinkiest sex doll fantasies!

The PDX Plus Perfect Ride, which looks sexy af in both light and brown skin tones, is an all-access crowd pleaser for anyone who likes riding dick or pounding dude booty.

This hunk of toned, 6-pack silicone is fully equipped with a pose-able penis, penetrate-able bum, and a pair of squishy testicles to squeeze.

Ladies and gentlemen alike can climb on top to thrust and grind on the Perfect Ride’s 6-inch penis, or take this plastic man from behind to enjoy his ribbed anus.

And ladies and queers – now’s your chance to practice those pegging skills!

Fuck Me Silly 3 Mega Masturbator

There’s a level of full-body appreciation and arousal that just can’t be duplicated with a sex toy that only focuses on the genitals. We adore sex dolls because they can cater to fetish fantasies that are super popular, but unfortunately under-served in the sex toy world.

The Fuck Me Silly 3 Mega Masturbator is (or should be) a god-send for foot and leg fetishists.

This sex doll is all leg and posed to show off those gams and perfect feet. Rub your hard member all over her soft legs and between her soles and toes, and then thrust away in her textured vagina while squeezing her round, plump butt cheeks.

King Cock Realistic Dildos

If giant-sized sex dolls are a little outside of your budget, you can still get your (literal) fill with the hyper-realistic King Cock dildo collection.

Let’s just say that somebody at King Cock headquarters really knows their way around a dick!

From the tanned, caramel skin of the King Cock Elite 7 Inch Dual Density Cock and King Cock Elite 8 Inch Dual Density Cock to the pink-headed, white boys of the vanilla-toned King Cock Plus 6.5 Inch Triple Density Cock With Balls, King Cock Triple Density 9 Inch Cock and King Cock 7In Dong, there’s a King to conquer every hole.

Pop these bad boys in a strap-on harness for advanced-level pegging or gender-affirming, queer partner sex or stroking.

PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Mega Masturbator

Try and tell us the perfect, realistic masturbator doesn’t exist, because it absolutely does, and its name is the PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Mega Masturbator.

The PDX Milk Me Silly truly puts a whole new spin on doggy style, and when we say ‘spin,’ we mean around your dick.

Shove your erection into the Milk Me Silly’s textured V-hole and start tapping the buttons on the toy’s corded remote control. Dual gyrating motors wrap around your penis, making it nearly impossible to last through the stroker’s 5 rotation functions and 5 vibration settings.

As if all that physical stimulation wasn’t enough to make you pop in 10 seconds, the Milk Me Silly’s dual motors shake the toy’s supple ass cheeks in a twerk-like motion.

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