It’s High Time You Try Sex & Cannabis

by Colleen G.

April 19, 2023


At Lover’s Lane, we have ‘high’ hopes that you’ll have a canna-tastic 4/20 filled with CB-Dank orgasms and a sensual evening that well outlasts your thick blunt.

Alright, now that we’ve gotten those ridiculously tacky marijuana puns out of our system, let’s move on to the good stuff. Lover’s Lane is well-prepped for April 20th with a plethora of sex and cannabis pleasure products to stock your bedroom drawers.

It’s no secret that most cannabis products – including your standard marijuana (containing psychoactive THC) and CBD products without THC – can help calm your mind and enhance your mood. These benefits carry over to the bedroom.

With the rapid increase in states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, more and more people gain access to safe & legal weed every year. This opens the door for more folks to try sex & cannabis. Whether it’s smokeable, vapeable, edible, or infused in topical products, THC & CBD can stimulate your genitals, ease pain with penetration & vaginal dryness, and help calm you down & relieve anxiety.

So, whether you actively partake on a regular basis, or have been curious about trying it just for sexual enhancement purposes, 4/20 is as good a time as any to celebrate your appreciation of the green stuff, and the sexual products that utilize its benefits. It just feels good!

Leaf-themed vibrators, hemp seed massage oils and CBD lubricants, and even cannabis-themed games & lingerie (plus everything else) are all on sale during our big 4/20 celebration. Just buy ANY 4 products in our physical stores or online, and we’ll discount your entire purchase by 20% all the way through April 20th, 2023.

We’ve put together a sprinkling of Mary Jane bedroom essentials to get your green shopping spree started. Whether it’s for celebrating that leafy time of the month in April or just a chill weekend, we recommend laying back and enjoying a session of stoned horniness, either solo or with a partner. Fun options abound!

Vaporator Silicone Smokable Vibrator

This sex toy-turned-smokeable just hit our shelves and needless to say, we are impressed af. Because honestly, who hasn’t hit the joint, blunt, bowl, bong, or vape and felt insatiably horny from the high? Why not combine the two best types of pleasure?

The Vaporator Silicone Smokable Vibrator is a slim and slender silicone vibrator with 20 function modes. But then woah, flip this sleek lil’ vibe around, pop the gold cap on top, and take a puff from your favorite vape cartridge (510 thread cartridge – not included, but available at most vape shops & dispos), which conveniently fits on the Vaporator’s opposite end!

Now you don’t have to double-fist your next solo sex session with a sex toy in hand and your pipe in the other.

Go Love CBD Intimate Lubricant

If your pleasure parts are feeling a little jealous of your juicy jay, soak them in a CBD lubricant, like Go Love CBD Intimate Lubricant.

Infused with 200 MG of CBD, this water-based lube promises more sensation via increased blood flow and increased comfort for anyone who experiences mild discomfort or a lack of natural lubrication during penetrative sex.

CBD won’t get you high by itself, but if getting super stoned and sexually sensitized is your 4/20 goal, try adding Go Love CBD lube to your sex session while you smoke. The pairing of CBD and THC will have you dripping with desire!

The Minis Pleasure Collection by High on Love

Have it all in hazy decadence this 4/20 with a kit of mini cannabis pleasures and orgasmic accessories. If you and your lover can’t keep your hands off each other when you’re feeling good, these will be your go-to indulgences.

The Minis Pleasure Collection by High on Love features Lavender & Honey Sensual Bath Oil, Strawberries & Champagne Sensual Massage Oil, a skin-sensitizing Lip Gloss for Couples, High on Love’s signature Stimulating Oil for your pleasure parts, and a rechargeable, CalExotics Mini Wand silicone bullet vibe with 10 delicious speeds of vibration.

The entire collection comes packaged in a gorgeous, pink gift box, making it the perfect gift for your stony sweetheart.

Hemp Seed Massage Candles by Earthly Body

Set the mood with romantic lighting that segues into a sensual massage.

Earthly Body’s 3-in-1 Hemp Seed Massage Candles in scents like Float Your Boat, Mattress Mambo, and Slip N’ Slide smell lovely and melt into body-safe, warm massage oil, complete with sustainable & skin-softening hemp seed oil, as they flicker over your bodies beneath the candlelight.

Extreme Personal Questions For Stoners

How well do you really know your partner? Pass the flower or vaporizer while you two (or more) flip through the revealing and usually hilarious questions in the stoner card game, Extreme Personal Questions For Stoners.

Through the game’s 400 questions, you’ll learn all your partner’s deep, dark secrets, like “what is the most disturbing thought you’ve had while high recently?” and “what type of porn did you look at as a teenager?”

Just make sure you’re hella stoned for this game, because you might not even want to remember all of you and your partner’s answers!

Pot Leaf Bikinis

Put on a smoke show for your partner (or your bathroom mirror, you sexy, solo thing) while playing up the day’s theme in a barely-there micro-kini.

The Tropical Pot Leaf Tri Set (pictured below) and Pot 420 Glow In The Dark Tri-Top With Thong (cool!!) look hot af in your bedroom, while straddling a pole at the club, or while prancing along the shoreline at the beach.

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