Packable Pleasures for a Sexy Spring Break

by Colleen G.

March 24, 2024


Ditch your electric toothbrush, or skip your go-to vibrator? It’s a hard choice when you’ve got limited space in your travel bag.

Well, OK, maybe not really, but with today’s travel-friendly sex toy options, now you don’t have to leave that toothbrush behind to squeeze in your bullet vibe! Just kidding, or are we?

As spring vacation season approaches, we’re reminded of all the fantastic little wonders of the adult toy world that can fit conveniently into our carry-on (because who tf is paying that extra $100 for a dang checked bag these days?).

From vibrators to wands to travel kits and even sex blankets, we’re encouraging you to take a peek at some of our favorite toys and accessories that can go the literal distance. We’ve even got an entire section dedicated to travel-ready toys on, so if the following don’t strike your fancy, you’ve got plenty of other goodies to browse.

Retro Rechargeable Lip Stick Vibe

What could possibly be more travel-ready than a vibrator that fits in your purse and mimics a typical cosmetic product?

The Retro Rechargeable Lip Stick Vibe can sneak around with you wherever you go, no matter how tiny your handbag of choice. No TSA agent will be the wiser when you drop your purse on the conveyor belt at the airport, and no one will guess you’re carrying around a vibrator if they happen to peep it in your purse.

This little purple wonder boasts of 10 vibration modes, 6 intensity levels, and a travel lock feature that ensures it won’t accidentally start buzzing in your bag.

Le Wand Rose Gold Necklace Vibe

You also have the option of hiding your traveling vibe in plain sight (unless you come across another sex toy enthusiast, in which case you’ll at least receive a knowing smile and nod).

Le Wand’s Rose Gold Necklace Vibe is an 8-speed, mini bullet-style vibrator that doubles as an elegant, classy, and timelessly stylish piece of jewelry.

Slip it around your neck before walking through airport security and they’ll just think it’s a regular necklace as you stride through the metal detector.

Ovation Rave Flickering Teaser

We love tiny, discreet toys with the option to prevent the power button from being accidentally pressed, aka travel locked, and caps or coverings that keep dirt out of the parts that touch your genitals.

The Ovation Rave Flickering Teaser ticks all three boxes. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It won’t embarrass you by switching to ‘on’ mode as it bumps around in your bag. And it’s got a magnetic cover that both disguises its sex toy appearance while safe-guarding the flickering tongue from attracting debris.

Did we mention it’s also waterproof and flicks your clit with 10 different speed options? Travel mission accomplished.

Secret Kisses Noire Set

Want to seriously impress whoever is lucky enough to find themselves in your spring break bed (or, you know, just go wild with your girls back at the hotel after dinner and drinks)?

Break out the Secret Kisses Noire Set, strap on those tassel pasties and lacy blindfold, and bust out the Kiss n’ Tell card game and mini bullet vibrator. The shiny, black vinyl carrying case also doubles as a cute, lips-shaped purse for your nights out.

Love Together Mini Tech Wand

Are you a wand girl that can’t fathom a week without your sex toy bestie, but also can’t ditch your favorite dress to make room in your carry-on?

Let the Love Together Mini Tech Wand solve your packing woes. With 10 super-strong vibration modes and a traditional, wand-shaped design wrapped up in a tiny, travel-sized package, you’re ready to go on vacay without leaving your vibe BFF behind.

Liberator Fascinator Travel Throw

If you’re planning for things to get a little, ahem, messy while spring-breaking it, take along a cozy blanket that’s especially made for both travel and preventing your hotel’s maid from cleaning up your dirty work.

Toss the aptly titled Liberator Fascinator Travel Throw down on your bed and it’ll catch all those sexy fluids, which, by the way, can also refer to spilled margaritas. You do you, boo.

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