5 Sex Toy Myths

by Colleen G.

November 1, 2021


Myth 1. Sex toys are for single people.

The most ridiculous sex toy myth is also probably one of the most prevalent, so let’s get it out of the way first. In no way, shape, or form are sex toys solely the province of single people. It’s perfectly normal for the intense sparks felt early on in a relationship to cool down over time; it doesn’t mean you’re less attracted to each other, it just means you’ve gotten comfortable.Adult toys – some of which are specifically intended for couples to use together – can be an excellent way to reinvigorate your sexual relationship, step outside that comfort zone, and grow together as a couple.

Myth 2. If you’re using toys in a relationship, you must be having bad sex.

78% of women who use sex toys report being in a relationship – and we just find it very, very hard to believe that so many women would be having such bad sex. The truth is, for a variety of reasons that stretch from the physical to the societal, female orgasms are simply not as easily attainable as male orgasms. Using a toy to help orgasm during sex is far more an indicator of having good sex; you know what you want and you’re doing what you need to get it! Not only that, but many people simply enjoy experimentation. After all, couples that try new things together are reportedly some of the happiest couples; this absolutely applies in the bedroom as well. Not only will you learn more about what turns you both on, but you will deepen your intimacy and become closer emotionally, too.(Bonus: When it comes to health, some studies have found that women who use sex toys are typically more likely to have regular gynecological appointments and report increased levels of arousal and lubrication.)

Myth 3. Sex toys only refers to vibrators and dildos.

Our favorite myth to debunk is one that still somehow seems to persist, despite society’s ever-increasing acceptance of all forms of sexuality. Of course, we love a good vibrator, and we especially recommend them to women who have a hard time orgasming from standard, penetrative sex; a little vibration can do a lot of good. But the world of sex toys easily encompasses so much more than that: handcuffs and blindfolds, crops and paddles, even electro-sex for the most adventurous of us all!

Myth 4. Only women use sex toys.

Directly connected to our third myth, this one is proved false simply by the sheer volume of toys that specifically target men, from strokers and masturbators to penis pumps and extensions. Many male sex toys can enhance coupled sex, too – just ask any man who has ever used a c-ring during penetration!

Myth 5. Sex toys can decrease sensitivity.

While it’s true that your body can become used to the sensations provided by a toy, it’s no different than the way your body can become used to the sensations provided by your own hand(s) while masturbating. In fact, using toys to stimulate yourself can actually help to maintain blood flow to these all-important areas of the body, which in turn can keep your sex drive up. The older you get, the more important this becomes!Whether you are slightly or extremely interested in adding sex toys to your bedroom repertoire, you’ve come to the right place. We hope we’ve answered some questions, assuaged some worries, and dispelled a few unpleasant misconceptions. (We’ve debunked some common masturbation myths, too.) As always, you can browse all our adult sex toys, for him and for her, discreetly online or at a Lover’s Lane near you!

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