The Hottest Touch Points on Your Lover’s Body

Studying foreplay and the optimal ways to activate your lover’s favorite hot spots that you can touch to stimulate pleasure is an ongoing and most worthwhile pursuit for couples. These touch points usually include your partner’s mouth, nipples, breasts, derrieres, or their genitals. But there are many that you might not have thought about or […]

Celebrate National Orgasm Day YOUR Favorite Way!

On July 31st this year, don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of moaning, groaning, sighing, and shouting. It’s National Orgasm Day! An American holiday designed expressly for everyone to get off! A day to practice your O face as much as you like. Like the Fourth of July, just a different type of […]

3 Really is the Magic Number! Trigasms and How to Have Them

We’re probably all familiar with blended orgasms, but did you know you can take them one step further?  The term #trigasm is trending all over the web, so we wanted to explore exactly what it meant.  Because all good things come in threes, am I right? Gals AND guys, Read on for how a tantalizing […]

Next-level Nipple Play (for every level of lover)!

Whether you consider yourself a lost nipple play n00b like the virtual lover above, or the best of the breast, there’s always room to upgrade your game and add some new moves to your repertoire.  Read on to learn some tips for keeping your nipple stimulation in the “Goldilocks Zone” of perfection for your particular […]

7 G-Spot Facts

1. The G-spot is named after a German gynecologist. German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg was one of the first medical professionals to study a “particularly sensitive” area about two inches inside the front of the vaginal wall, leading him to write about the spot in 1950. He also invented the first intrauterine device (IUD) for birth […]

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