Top 20 Date Ideas

by Former author

November 1, 2021


1. Eat as many samples at grocery stores as you can, then go play with the toys in the toy aisles.

2. Play Never Have I Ever, but the strip version. Maybe you strip when your partner has done something, or maybe you do.

3. Flip through baby/childhood/adolescent pictures of each of you.

4. Go to a bookstore together. There’s SO many good reads out there, and some interesting titles too.

5. Go to a bar and pretend your meeting them as a blind first-date.

6. Play the 36 Questions to Fall in Love game (yes, you can still do it if you’re already in love with your significant other).

7. Do something your partner will love, but you aren’t that excited about #selfless. You should suggest it as if you want to do it. When you do, watch how they light up. Who knows, they might even return the favor that night.

8. Play Twister. This is an especially good choice right after stripping from Never Have I Ever 😉 just make sure the spinner is close, haha!

9. Have a game night (different from Twister). Board games, card games, video games. Mario kart is great for fast-paced action and Mario party is great if you want a board game in a video game.

10. Go for a hot air balloon ride. Talk about romantic!

11. Have a staycation. Instead of vacating your life and going somewhere else, check into a local hotel and order room service. Sleep in. If you have kids, don’t bring them. Have some quality alone time. Staycations cut down on travel time and all the stress that goes along with that so you have time for more adult activities, if ya know what I mean…

12. Go to an arcade. Ok, who seriously doesn’t like a good arcade?

13. For one whole day, only do things neither of you have ever done  (besides going to the bathroom of course). Explore and adventure together!

14. Take a hike, literally. If you and your significant other are the outdoorsy adventurous type then you’ve probably already done this, and if not then what are you waiting for?

15. Get some adult coloring books and color together. This one is a huge stress reliever.

16. Go out to breakfast. Few things are cuter than a breakfast date. Plus, you don’t even have to dress up. No make up required. Throw on some pajamas, grab your glasses, and get in the car, IHOP awaits.

17. Go bowling and play mini golf aka putt putt. The important thing to do here is both, for variety and so one doesn’t completely dominate the other, unless you’re into that.

18. Go stargazing. While this maybe not the best for a first date, this idea oozes romance.

19. Binge a show together and in one day/night. Maybe you do this on your staycation after some great sex? Enjoy some naked cuddles with your significant other and start that show you two have been dying to watch.

20. Dinner, BUT, each course is in a different restaurant. Oh, and did I mention, you go to a different city? Yes it’s a lot of travel, but you get to see more of the sites on your culinary escapade

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