Spring Cleaning For Your Toy Drawer

Cleaning out those bedside drawers doesn’t have to be a chore. We think it’s kinda fun and even spiritually cleansing to dig out all your sex toys and adult accessories, line ’em up in the bathroom, and give them all a good spritz with some sex toy cleaner. With spring just on the horizon, now […]

Right On Target! The Best Bullets & Fun Ways to Use Them

Plenty of good things come in small packages, and bullet vibrators are high on our list of amazing sex toys that don’t need size to make you come, too. Whether you’re low on cash, just looking for something to hit the clit, or simply prefer discretion and travel-ability, today’s mini bullet vibrators can do it […]

The Weird but True History of Sex Toys

Throughout much of history, humans were thought to be the only tool users among the animal kingdom. While we now know that’s not true, us homo sapiens have always been particularly innovative in one particular realm of tool use. Since time immemorial, we have been constructing and using tools to help us get off. From […]

Rise and Grind: The Best Sex Toys for Vulva Grinding

Penetrative sex is so 2021. In the modern age of sex positivity, we’re shining the spotlight on the most underrated route to orgasm: bumpin’ and grindin.’ Call it whatever you like: grinding, humping, thrusting. Getting off by working those hips against a pillow, sex toy, or partner’s body has been ‘a thing’ since pretty much […]

Vibing Together: Couples Toys to Bring You Closer

Sex toys made just for two are some of the most popular pleasure products today, and with good reason. Couple’s toys allow for unbridled creativity between the sheets together, connection across long distances, and even some super unique solo play when your partner is away. Just ten-ish years ago, the couple’s toy section consisted of […]

Myths & Facts: Penile Ponderings

Between the very common questions we are asked in Lover’s Lane stores, and the frequency of searches for topics like this on the internet, we know that guys have a lot of questions about their members.  Read on as we bust or confirm some commonly concocted cock tales, and get the real scoop about how […]

Don’t Put THAT Down There!

Trying new things in the bedroom is fun, but it’s important to keep your boudoir activities safe, as well…whether partnered or solo!  It’s also great to want to improve your sexual wellness practices, but there are some suspicious suggestions that you should steer clear of.  There are plenty of products made for the sole purpose […]

Worship Your V (-Day)

Ah, Valentine’s Day…pretty nice if you’re happily coupled, kind of ‘meh’ if you’re not.  We have some great masturbation tips, though, that all women can use today and all year long, regardless of relationship status.  All the single ladies (and all the partnered ones, too)…get comfy and prepare to make today all about YOU, because […]